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Hi, all the world! I invite you to my world of thought, love and joy. I am an enterprise IT infrastructure systems consultant for years after studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at ITU and Bogazici Universities respectively, in Istanbul, TURKEY. My field of study was Articial Intelligent Control Systems for Power Electronics (My thesis proposal:"Non-Linear Fuzzy Logic Position & Speed Control of a Servomotor").

I'm mostly interested in the meaning of life and many important personalities' aspects of this. I'm deeply respectful to what people call "love". I'm a little bit extaordinary person for most of my watchers, so I go forth for deserving this. I have my own theory of creation & management of our universe, unifying many hypotheses from Albert Einstein and Erich von Daeniken to the holy books of not only the three great religions but also regional legendary manuscripts like "The Book Of the Dead" of Egypt and "Bhagavadgita" of India and many others of Mayas, Incas and Polinesians, etc. Hence I believe in the unique ruling of the universe, i.e. the "Dharma". Besides, I believe that the only power to take us to the future is science & technology, keeping the original values of humanities.

My fields of interest are: Philosophy, sociology, music (esp. new age, rock, classical and jazz) , motion pictures & their soundtracks, history (esp. archaic), astrology, automation, artificial intelligence, politics, sports (esp. tennis, basketball and table tennis), international relations, environmental issue of physics, mechatronics, linguistics & ethimology, theology, extraterrestrial life in universe.

You should have a look at some sites on the Web, where I'd like to take your attention to...


IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers)

MATLAB from MathWorks
No.1 scientific & engineering computation software

Bogazici University
Bosphorus University
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
My graduate school

Istanbul Technical University
ITU - Istanbul Technical University
Faculty of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
My undergraduate school

... and Mysticism


Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
M. Kemal ATATURK - One of the GREATEST leaders of the 20th Century

SURPRISE! Click here to listen to his speech at the ceremony for the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey (October the 29th, 1933) in his own voice in Turkish!

New Acropolis
New Acropolis
International Cultural Association of Classical Philosophy
where I've attended to clarify my point of view to the universe

My favorite rock music band ever
The Dark Side of the Moon 30th Anniversary Edition
Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

Best of Silk Road
World-famous spiritualist musician; composer of 'Silk Road' Theme for the same titled TV series

An MP3 file: Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Another MP3 file: The Doors - People are Strange

Now why don't you have a look at my list of audio albums

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