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Keywords: fructan, fructose, fructans, carbohydrate, carbohydrates, starch, sucrose, innulin, nystose, artichoke

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Basic fructan info

Basic carbohydrate chemistry

Fructan nomenclature

3D model of fructans

Fructan news

Fructan meetings

Questions and Answers (9/3)

Virtual Fructans

Fructan Links

Fructan Information A page with the abstracts from the third international fructan congress in Logan, and a list of people working on fructans.

Biological links

Biochemical Pathways The whole poster from Boehringer Mannheim can now be viewed and searched on the net. You don't want to miss this. Superb.
Protocol links(34)
Links to places on the net that have biological protocols
Carbohydrate Research Foundation
European bioinformatics institute (EBI)
Medline database
The Snake Page
The Integrin Page
Protein Data Bank (PDB)

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