Mike Flamino and Kevin McHale's

Honors Physics Mouse Trap Car

Today in class we tested our mouse trap car against the rest of the physics students' cars. We had the furthest distance by far. Our car went about 19 meters. The closest car to us was about 15.5 meters. Our car is truly the ultimate mouse trap car. Our car could have went much further if we were to use larger rear wheels, such as paper plates. If you use our design and make some sort of an improvement on it, please email me because I am interested in seeing what little things could have been done to make the car go further. Goood Luck!
To view our lab report, with materials, procedure, etc., Click Here.

Here's our car (Right Side):

More pictures:
Top View
Front View
Closeup of gear mechanism
Another gear closeup
Undercarriage (aka bottom)

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