A Brief History of the Ship 'Caroline Agnes'

This painting of the Caroline Agnes was supplied by Tony Roberton in Auckland, NZ. The 'gunports' are fake - it was common practice in those days to paint fake gunports to fool likely pirates, etc. that they were looking at an armed vessel.

Caroline Agnes was built in Sunderland in 1847, Ship (ie full-rigged) of 481 tons for Hamlin & Co of Greenock, Lloyds Classification 10A1.

Dimensions in feet (lenght x beam x draught): 131.3 x 29.2 x 19.3

1848-1855 Alexander Morris/James Alexander Hamlin & Co. Greenock India and Australia
1855-1857 James Ferguson W.P. Patton & Co. Glasgow New Zealand
1857-1858 J. McNiddrie W.P. Patton & Co. Glasgow India
1858-1860 Underwent restoration at London

1861-1870 Willian Ovenstone Duncan & Co. London India
1870-1871 J. Nicholson White Jnr. London Mediterranean
1871-1872 J. Nicholson Barrass Bros. Newcastle Mediterranean

Another account of her voyages was as follows:

1848: - India, under command of Capt A. MORRIS

1849: - Australia, under command of Capt. James ALEXANDER

1850-1854: annual voyages to Port Philip, Australia under command of Capt. Alexander MORRIS

1855 & 1856: London - NZ, under command of Capt J. FERGUSON, and ship now owned by W. P Paton & Co of Glasgow - an 1855 passenger list (London-Lyttelton) can be seen here.

1857: now under Capt McNIDDRIE , London - India

1858-1860: just shows 'London' - I think a major refit happened in the latter stages of this period as the next entry shows -

1861-1862: London-India under Capt OVENSTONE, now owned by Duncan & Co of London, and re-registered with a tonnage of 501.

1863: East Indies trip

Above information supplied by Don Ferguson, Melbourne. You can contact him by clicking HERE.

Elizabeth Janson of Sydney is investigating CA passenger lists on voyages to Australia. Here is the link to her FrontPage.

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