What's in a name?

The talented poet asked.

Look deep -- listen:

The pulse of our ancestors.

The heartbeat of nations past






Look into a name.

What do you see?

Letters only?


Look deeper.

See the people

Who lived that name.


Not letters -- but flesh and blood.

Flesh to our flesh.

Blood to our blood.

Faith to our faith.



You who bore my name,

Were your thoughts passed to me?

Do I dream your dreams?

The sun you saw I see.

The moon plays for us both.


Days are days.

Years are years.

But centuries separate us.

You who lived centuries ago

With my name.


Did you see me then?

You have not left this earth!

You live in my name.

You live in me.

I give you earthly immortality.


My eyes see a different land.

My ears hear different sounds.

But we worship in unison.

The God of your youth.



My faith you have given me.

The God who watched over you

Watches over me.

Centuries collapse as Faith unites.


Leave you, my ancestor?

I could never leave you

Without leaving myself.

I take pride in you.


The soil of your homeland

Rests in my heart.

Your native language

Is the melody of your dreams.


I look into your name

And see myself.


-- written by W.H. Zoschak (a Slovak)

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