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 Job title

Key responsibilities
Medical and Safety Eng. and Consultant

Delphi Consultoria



Safety Engineering
NR-9 MTb: PPRA - Ambiental Risks Prevention Program
NR-5 MTb: CIPA - Acidents Prevention Internal Comission
NR-17 MTb: Work Ergonomy
NR-18 MTb: PCMAT - Conditions and Ambiental Program for Constructions
Work Medicine
NR-7 MTb: PCMSO - Ocupational Health Medical Control Program
NR-15 MTb: "Unsafety Laudo"
Project and Development of a serie of Software
to Catalogate Collections




 Shift Informática
Technical Director, From 95 to 97

Consultant and Managing the development of Internet
and Intranet Projects to Credicard (Mastercard at Brazil),
including Business, Web Site, HomeCard Banking,
Networking, Security, Interconectivity (M.F/Risc /
Novell/Windows NT), and Internet, Intranet and software
development consultant to other companies.

Tailor Engenharia & Sistemas
Operational Director, From 90 to 95

Maintenance and Materials Managment Software
Projects, Development, Implantation and Maintenance
Consultant to the Brazilian Navy, Mc Donald's, Rio Ita
(850 buses company), and some other big transport
(©Alfa Systems).



Stamps Collection Exchange
I collect stamps since I was a child. I'd like to exchange
stamps with people from West Europe, India, Israel.
I like to watch some different sports, like Soccer,
Voleyball, Basketball, etc, and to hide a bike, hike and
play soccer.
I'd like to dive and to practise other watersports, too.
I love to travel, and to be in touch with people from all
over the world.

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Office phone (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
(21)507-3740 and (21)507-3778

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