2nd year and still going strong, come along and enjoy an astronomy filled day starting at 8:00am till 5:00pm. Last year we Sidewalk Astronomers built a 10" telescope,(photos below)in about 8 hours, and again this year we will do the same. Numerous lectures on astronomy will be held inside the library along with our very own John Dobson giving a cosmologicaly enlightening discussion. Your more than welcome to come along and join in with the building of the telescope or just come along and watch and learn. Any questions about this event call Dana Eklund at 323-263-6902

The Sidewalk Astronomers build another telescope, this time for the Los Angeles Astro Fest 1999, at the Main Library in downtown. Bob, John and Jerry lend a hand building a 10" dobsonian. It was completed in under 8 hours and used that evening on the Moon.

          The Sidewalk Astronomers are proud of their 30 years of public service. The Sidewalk Astronomers are not your typical astronomy group. We prefer to hang out on street corners and show strangers the Moon, or Jupiter and other celestial objects. A lot of people ask me when is the next dark sky party, which we try to have monthly, but. We are the SIDEWALK Astronomers, and I have yet to have seen a sidewalk, with a passing by crowd, up on top of a mountain. Dark sky parties are fun, but is not our goal. Our goal is to have that 7 year old, gaze through the eyepiece, and with amazement ask questions. For that 7 year old, to go to bed dreaming of how all this got to be so fantastic. We prefer to create thinkers, dreamers, our future. It's that simple we are the
SIDEWALK Astronomers.


We now have the plans on how to build your own telescope, online ! Just click here to view the plans. If you like to still get a "hardcopy" of the plans on how to build your own Dobsonian telescope, you can still send $2.00 U.S. (to cover the cost of postage and handling) and your return address to:

The Sidewalk Astronomers
1946 Vedanta Place
Hollywood, CA.    90068

Bill Scott 1-(323)-960-1729 ext 10 Mike Kendall 1-(818)-842-6484
Bob Alborzian 1-(818)-841-0548

John Dobson is available to talk to your astronomy club, or do a series of talks about cosmology, or perhaps a telescope building workshop. John travels the country every year and we are presently filling in his time for 1999. If you are interested please call Mike Kendall phone number above, or e-mail this site.

The Sidewalk Astronomers, who we are and what we do! Plus phone numbers for Sidewalk Astronomers around the United States!

The Sidewalk Astronomers Beginners Handbook, A simple guide to help you answer questions on the street corner.

Watchers of the Skies by John Dobson

John Dobson - A Biography


"The Foucalt Pendulum"
A short chapter from John Dobson's new book, "Beyond Space And Time".

Telescope class for January 1999!!!  

Cosmology class for January 1999! Learn everything about your universe. Taught by John Dobson  

 Astronomical WebPage Links    


"First Light..." by Jane Houston

"A Day in the Life..." A fabulous explanation of the cycles of the moon. A must read for Sidewalk Astronomers looking for info for the local street Jane Houston

"Connections" by George Willis    

"Light Pollution..." by Daniel B. Caton    

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