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__Exploration has been a hallmark of our journey in this world, discovery, it's reward. Today, that journey has led us to the edge of space. Knowledge of the cosmos is everyone's heritage, not scientists alone. We are adding to the sum of human knowledge every day, with novas and comets often being discovered first by well equipped, dedicated amateur astronomers.

__Galileo Society was formed in 1996 and has been a loosely bound group of star gazers ever since. We gather together to share experience, interests, and our time under the stars. This web site is an attempt to reach out to the scattered amateurs who are geographically disadvantaged by the rural nature of our beautiful state. What we propose is a cyber club, hosting meetings here on the Internet. This site seeks to serve as a memberís portal, hosting live chat, events calendar and a forum for discussion and questions. We are members of the Astronomical League, the national organization that has arranged amateur research on the Hubble telescope. Members receive their publication, "The Reflector" four times a year. Discounts on books and magazines are also available.

__All visitors to our site are invited to explore the different areas offered. The intent is to be informative, but our hope is to be useful. Use the links below to contact us with greetings and questions alike. If you would like to join us, a membership form has been provided, with details on joining Galileo Society. We offer information on building (that's right, building!) your own telescope to those of you looking for a very satisfying project. The Hubble page offers a collection of the most interesting of these stunning deep space objects. Our own astro photos are on display, however humble they may be, we still take pride in them. Take a look at the current space events on our news page and explore the links when you surf.



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