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Modest performance gliders & What the sport of Soaring means to each of us.

Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 21:28:11 GMT
From: Wayne Albus
Newsgroup: rec.aviation.soaring

nanny.jpg (11446 bytes)First let me tell you a little about who we are. My name is Wayne and I live in a small Northwest Ohio community (39,000 aprox. pop.) with my wife Nannette and my two children Kristy (age 17) and Neil (age 14).

I would just like to make a few comments on my thoughts about modest performance gliders like the Schweizer 1-26 and the PW-5.

To lay some background of where I'm coming from. I'm currently an arm chair pilot (due to financial reasons) and have never been a pilot yet. I've always wanted to fly ever since I was a little kid. I have an affection for aviation, flying gliders in particular. I became interested in this way back in grade school. I've had a few training flights in high performance German made aerobatic gliders (incredible experience). I plan to further pursue this new horizon once my children are grown, when I have more time and money.

I want to fly now but I have other commitments (a family, two kids approaching college) first. Someday I hope that dream will come true. When and if it does I hope to someday have my own glider. I will not be able to afford a new Discus or LS-8 or what ever.

But I've been lurking in this newsgroup and doing a lot of reading on everything I can get my hands on on soaring. And I think I have learned a few things. First if you can't afford a discus you don't need it, and it won't make you any less of a pilot if you don't have it. We talk so much about the performance aspect of this sport that we hear very little at times about what brought us to this activity.

I know why I want to fly, because it's fun! The thrill that I get from flight! To see the sheer beauty of the world below me! To use elements of nature that God has provided (that some people don't even know exist or think about). To be able to use my wits, to challenge myself. Those things exist wether your flying a 1-26 or a discus. There is challenge & there is humiliation and or rewards at every level of soaring.

I get defensive when I see people bashing Schweizers. They were designed to fill a certain need/aspect of soaring and they still do today, the sheer number of them still flying atest to that.

I try to keep an open mind cause if and when I start flying I don't know how much of a glider I'm going to want. I don't know how much I'm going to grow in this sport, and in which direction.

People are going to come into this sport from all walks of life. But it's a fact that a few of them are like me. Middle aged and having filled their other commitments first.

Well, this is one American who is done rambling now.

Wayne Albus

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