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From: "Claus N. Jacobsen" <cnj@tdk.dk>
Date: 1997/06/02

Hi Netters

A little preliminary info on a potentially
historic event:

Last Friday, May 30, SAS captain
Ole Arndt accomplished the first Danish 500 km distance flight in a PW-5 in just over 8 hours. Start- and finish point was the Danish Soaring Centre in Arnborg. First turnpoint was located near the Danish-German border, second turnpoint near Aalborg and third turnpoint near Billund. If approved, the flight will earn the happy pilot the SEK 50,000 prize (approx. USD 8,000) awarded by Scandinavian Airline Systems. No such thing as challenges ....


Claus Jacobsen
Gliding Club of Aarhus, Denmark

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