The Old Canadian Flag

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The Above Photograph Courtesy of Chris Mills

TBM-3E s return to their base, at Sevogle Airstrip, after a morning forest insecticide application sortie over the rugged central region of New Brunswick in mid June, 1989. Built like tanks, these powerful machines were each able to deliver 625 U.S. Gallons of pesticide from 125 feet above the tree canopy, at 150 knots in three plane formations, to the slopes and valleys, of the province, with an efficiency that the planes of civilian design weren't able to match.

So, that's what this page is all about. It's about a remarkable airplane that remained in service as a workhorse, long after retiring from it's naval rôle, and, of course, about some of the colourful characters who flew them.

Since December 1996 people have passed through.