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The sun sets over top of a calm, serene freshwater lake. The activity in the forest begins to climb as nocturnal animals come out of hiding and hunt for prey. The moon lights the evening sky and stars begin to appear. Then, slowly, the sky begins to become brighter as opposed to darkening. From the dark horizon emerges a gigantic glowing mass screaming through the atmosphere. The object streaks across the sky and trails a stream of bright particles. Then it drops down behind a range of hills, and for one solitary second there is quiet. The quiet is broken by a loud, deep rumble and is followed by a burst of energy streaking across the surface of the earth. The shockwave disintegrates everything in a 100-mile radius, and devastates the face of the country around it. Trees are plucked from the ground and hurtled in the air while burning to ashes. The water in the surrounding lakes boils and streams. All animal life is wiped out instantly. When the shockwave reaches populated areas it flattens buildings and destroys homes. Before anyone knows what has happened, they are dead.

In the following months dust from the impact rises and fills the sky covering the impact crater. The jet stream disperses it uniformly throughout the atmosphere. A cooling of the planet begins as sun is blocked by the particles in the atmosphere. All remaining surface life slowly dies off, and the earth is left as lifeless as it's eight neighbors.

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