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Did you know that I have a Dodge Viper at home ???

Oh yeah... I really have, actually the spaceship in the background is mine too........I could go on forever, but you don't think it's fun do you?

Hey ! I think it was a missile, which shot down the TWA aeroplane, but don't tell the Feds, that I've said it :-)

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Here on my web-site I want to explain a couple of smart methods to multiply numbers.

NUMBER one is about, how easily to multiply two numbers between 10 and 19, in your head:

1.First you add the last digit of one of the numbers with the other number.

2.Then you put a zero behind the result.

3.The last thing you have to do, is to multiply the last digits of the two numbers, and add the result to the result in point two. - EASY.

NUMBER two is about, how easily to multiply 2 numbers, which has the same distance to a number that can be divided by 10... ex. 24 times 36, those two numbers have both got 6 as the difference to 30.

1.First you calculate the number, which can be divided by 10, to the power of 2.

2.Then you do the same with the difference, that both the numbers had to the number, that could be divided by 10.

3.Finally you find the difference between the two results.

Try this one....

Square any two-digit number:

1.Square the first digit.

2.Square the second digit.

3.Add it all with (2)times(the first digit)times(the last digit)

OK an example: 87*87



3.6400+49+(2*80*7=1120) =7569

NOW a little game

Ask a friend for a four-digit number, tell him or her to add the four digits and find the difference between the result and the four-digit number, that's another number with three or four digits. Then the friend should tell you three digits from the new number, and you can find the last one by adding the three digits up to the first number dividable by nine.

An example, the number he or she thinks of is 7843

7+8+4+3 = 22

7843-22= 7821

He or she tells you the three digits 7, 8 and 1

You add: 7+8+1 = 16 .... the first number dividable by nine is 18

so 18-16 is 2 which is the digit, he or she didn't tell

I'm glad if you could use some of it, and if you know anything about anything - please E-mail me geogeo@po.ia.dk Thanks to all of you who already has e-mailed me!

By The Way. is he FUN or what ?

By The By The Way........Send me a postcard drop me a line, when you go on holiday.

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