Featuring HMCS Montreal FFH-336

The Canadian Patrol Frigate....A Photo Tour

{All Images are my own unless otherwise noted, reproduction permitted on request.}

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HMCS Montreal 57mm/70 Mk 2 Bofors Cannon  The Bridge SPS 49(V)5 Air Search Radar
 The Main Mast Mast2 Plessy Shield Chaff Launchers Chaff Deck with SATCOM Antenna
2x2 Harpoon SSM |Harpoon x2 The Funnel Looking Aft  Funnel 2
Mk-32 Tubes for Mk-46 Torpedoes Signall VM-25 STIR Empty Sea Sparrow Racks The Hangar with Phalanx CIWS & STIR

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