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Welcome to The Integrin Page. Since April 30, There is a mirror site of The Integrin Page which makes use of java and frames. If your browser supports this, then please take a look at
Another new addition is the replacement of the Q&A section by an online Q&A messageboard (like Usenet)


Basic information about integrins

Integrins and their subunits

The extracellular matrix

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Integrin ChatRoom

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Integrin/Adhesion links

Escape to Adhesion A homepage about adhesion in a more general sense.
Adhesion molecules and their receptors
This homepage is a joint effort of me and the author of escape to adhesion. It's goal is to provide a starting point for searches in the field of adhesion.
The Cytokine Catalog: adhesion minireview
This page features a nice review about L- and P- selectin.

Biological links

Biochemical Pathways The whole poster from Boehringer Mannheim can now be viewed and searched on the net. You don't want to miss this. Superb.
Protocol links(34)
Links to places on the net that have biological protocols, situated at The Fructan Page.
European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)
From this page you can obtain protein and nucleic acid sequences
Medline database
The article database in it's NET variant
The Snake Page
A homepage with general information about snakes
The Fructan Page
A homepage about fructose polymers called fructans
Protein Data Bank (PDB)
The name should say enough

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