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 The Stellar Visions Webring

     Welcome to the homepage of the Stellar Visions Webring.  I started the webring because at the time I first put my astronomy page up on the web I could find no webrings that were focused on just astronomy.  There were rings that included astronmy sites but were really what seemed to me to be "catch all" science rings.

  • (08/30/00)  While checking the access logs for the last month I noticed about 8 - 9% of my traffic was coming from the Sky & Telescope website.  So I backtracked the reffering page and discovered an online reprint of an article about astronmy webrings from the August issue.
  • (08/28/00)  The Webring now has a new mailing list.  To join the list just enter you E-mail address in the box at the bottom of the page.
  • (08/27/00)  Well folks, the ringmaster is back online with a brand new DSL connection.  I apologize for the neglected state of the ring recently but I have been offline since the late last year.  Things are back on track though and I'm adding sites to the ring as we speak.

    I have been busy with way to many real life problems recently and have unfortunately been forced to neglect my duties as ringmaster somewhat.  Things are a bit better now and I can devote a bit more time to the job.  All of you that have been waiting in the queue wondering when you will be added should be in the ring by now.  If anyone still finds themselves out of the ring please contact me.

    I would also like to get any input on things you think would make the ring better.  I will be reinstating a ring member mailing list that I tried to get going once before and I hope to get more participation this time around.  I will also be looking into getting an assistant or two to help me maintain the ring.

    To join the ring simply fill out the form below. After you have submitted the form you will be sent an e-mail that contains the HTML code that you need to add to your page.
    If you have problems or questions please e-mail me at

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