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January 2000 FCC Announces New 10 Watt and 100 Watt FM Broadcast Licenses with MORE RANGE than the Part 15 stations are permitted. (This could ease the heat for some pirates)




There are many formats out there: live audio, CDs, cartridges, cassettes, open reel tape, vinyl, computer files (MIDI, WAV, MP3, AU, REAL AUDIO etc.)

Music digital files come in several formats. The most popular ones are WAV files and MP3 Files. WAV files are just like what is on an audio CD. You can make WAV files of your own voice or from the stereo LINE INPUT on your sound card etc. with MUSIC MATCH JUKEBOX. Then you can record, play and edit songs and make your own program sequences too!

Want some GREAT MP3 files from the web?
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Now to make your OWN MP3 files and convert them to WAV files and vice versa you want to use MUSIC MATCH JUKEBOX. This program will help you prepare files for making audio CDs on your CD burner. (I use the NERO CD Burner Program)
There are some other AUDIO PLAYERS out there, but MUSIC MATCH is one of the best. You might find IUMA to be a useful resource too.

TO EDIT your WAV files you need either WHAM or COOL EDIT. These programs let you ad special effects, remove parts of WAV files etc. They both work extremely well!

It's easy to set up your own pirate station using these player and edit programs. Just connect the LINE OUT from your sound card to the inputs of an FM stereo Broadcaster and away you go! Your computer can do the rest using the programs above! Let your neighbours know what great music they SHOULD be listening to!

Michael from Aachen Germany writes:

No real changes to Radio Caroline over the last two months but I do have a page up and going where you (anybody) can download recent audio clips of Radio Caroline and get a little more recent information. Of course, more will come over time:


Here is a pirate radio update from Europe, April, 1999

FCC Crackdown on Feb, 1999

Maybe this is old news to some - FCC Canyon Lake Bust, March 1999

FCC Targets 6955 kHz Pirates

AT LAST! REAL AUDIO FEEDS of Old Pirate Radio Programmes from Britain in the 1960s

This is one REMARKABLE Web Site Paul Sexton has put together. You GOTTA hear it!!

CLICK HERE to hear 1960s REAL 20,000 Watt Piracy!

The only time I have tried pirate radio was in 1967 in Marietta, Georgia with a K-mart record player and an 807 tube transmitter I built for the Medium Wave (AM Broadcast) Band. I used to play records and do a bit of dee-jaying. I had the equipment up on the third story of the windmill-style clubhouse building of the apartments where we lived, in a storage area. Later on in college I was a DJ on our current carrier station, WSTB RADIO!! Now THAT was fun.

Now, for a litle more detail about Pirate Radio in the U.K. (United Kingdom) - we received this message from

Tue, 28 Jul 1998

Sorry Bry, Radio Monique was a dutch pirate broadcasting from the "MI AMIGO" off of the Kent coast in the early 70`s , they shared air time with Radio Caroline,Monique broadcasting during the day on as I remember 909 Mhz AM and Radio Caroline doing the night shift between 18:00 and 06:00. unfortunately I believe they went down with the Mi Amigo in about 1976. they played basically the same music as Caroline although it was more "POPPISH" i.e.more singles rather than album tracks.

I also noticed on your websight that you had no mention of a station called LASER 558 who used to broadcast from the north sea in the early eighties off of a ship called LASER 558 this was just after Caroline started up again from the ROSS REVENGE. They broadcast for about 18 months maybe 2 years until the British government sent a cutter out to watch them for 24 Hrs a day stopping supply vessels reaching them. While they were broadcasting they had a HUGE following among the teen-agers locally.

For your further information, in the early nineties the Ross Revenge home of Radio Caroline was boarded `illegally`?? by representatives of the British and Dutch government who systematically destroyed the transmitters and all but one of the generators on board the ship this is what eventually forced the closure of Radio Caroline as a pirate station although they still broadcast under special licence and running extremely low power from the Ross Revenge anchored in a dock outside Chatham in Kent...

(Note from Bry - we will all miss Radio Caroline for sure!!)

From: kissfm ( E-mail: ) Subject: re:radio monique artical Date sent: Sat, 26 Jun 1999 1. Radio Monique did not broadcast from the mi-amigo,the mi-amigo home of Radio Caroline sank in march 20th 1980 in heavy seas. The vessel was too old to continue to stay afloat she grounded on a sand bank and took in water,so much so that the pumps counld not handle it. It took four attempts for the life boat to rescue the crew and canary.

2. The Ross Revenge the new home of Caroline dropped anchor in the north sea in 1983 and started test transmissions not long after.
Radio Monique started broadcasting from the Ross Revenge around 1983/84 as the dutch network, it transmitted on 819khz-366m medium wave. May I make a suggestion? Contact the Caroline web site England and get all the lowdown on the station from easter sunday 1964 -caroline 1999.

I hope that this information has been of some use! If you wish to reply contact me at the following email address:
My name is Jan, but please call me Jon (dutch to english translation...)

Date sent:        Sun, 11 Jul 1999
From:             Dave Granger 
Organization:     FMFX/Capitol Underground
Subject:          FCC Shuts Down Denver Station

FCC shuts down Micro-station in Denver Colorado:

    Capitol Underground Radio - The flagship station of the Denver Radio
Coalition was shut down Thursday July 8th, by FCC agents and local

    At approximately 6:30 pm, one half hour after the beginning of
Capitol Undergrounds broadcast day two FCC agents, and three Denver
police officers gained entry into the broadcast studio.  The agents then
seized the transmitter and antennae, cataloged and photographed the
studio and remaining equipment.

    Capitol Underground and its staff will continue to fight for
legalized micro-power radio, and is actively lobbying the FCC and
Congress to pass the proposed rulemaking for Low-Power FM service.

    To find out more about the Denver Radio Coalition and the
Free-Airwaves Campaign go to the Denver Radio Coalition web-site at
or contact Dave Granger at for information on the
latest events in Denver.

We will not be stopped in our fight to bring Free-Radio to Denver and
the country.

Dave Granger
Capitol Underground Radio

For those who care, you can get information about the FCC Rules Part 15 for low power, unlicensed broadcasting at:

PART 15 RULES: Click on "Information available online" then FCC rules and regulations.

Or take the shortcut here!

Where to Hear the Euro-Pirates!

Here are some logs from Europe for December 13, 1998
FrequencyTime UTCStationRemark
62100844European Music RadioE pop ID
62190914Laser Hot HitsE. ID
62351009CLCGCLCG Magazine
62460845City FM
62581010UNID pop oldies
62610845Magic SWE ID PO 1104 NL-8001 BC Zwolle
62630945Fantasy Radio NetworkAlex Warner ID
62661002UK RadioE. ID Adv
62840933Farmers of Hollandmusic
62990850Radio TorenvalkE. ID
63080933Radio JoystickG. music/talk
63081033Radio PandoraE. ID
73060924UNIDPop, non-stop USB
74151104Radio SilverE. ID Oldies
74151055IMRE. USB - DJs Chris & Yellow
75901104UNIDE. Oldies
75900923FRSH RadioE. ID USB

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