Dinosaurs, Paleontology, Related, Art and Other Interesting Links
Here is the list of palontology related and other interesting sites 

I have compiled during my presence on the Web.


  Paleontology Sites  


Dann Pigdon's Dinosaur Reconstructions - Australian dinosaurs packed in a nice web design.
The Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette -Have fun with another on line dinosaur magazine.
Dinosaur Site by Luis Rey - Spectacular dinosaur scenes by fellow paleoartist Luis Rey
Oceans of Kansas Paleontology - A comprehensive paleontology site with mosasaurs, pteranodons and other cool creatures from the past. 
Dinosauricon - Huge database of dinosaur images and facts.


Museum and related sites
Senckenberg Natural History Museum - One of the largest German Palontology Museums

Dinosaur Valley Museum -The Museum of Western Colorado's paleontology center is a working paleontology laboratory which features fossils from important discoveries throughout western Colorado and eastern Utah.

Hrvatski prirodoslovni muzej - Croatian Natural History Museum in Zagreb (official site) 

New Mexico MNHS - Visit the official site of New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

A Guide to Dinosaur Sites in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah The Colorado Plateau is one of the world's most important source for dinosaur fossils; this practical guide helps you plan a trip to the area.

Mac Daddy Mold Studio - Now Educators can cast full size, museum quality, fossil reproductions for pennies each.

The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center - is host to some of the most spectacular dinosaurs, marine reptiles, flying reptiles and fish of North America’s Late Cretaceous world.



Dinosaur and Paleontology Links and Data
Dino Russ' Lair - Everything what is going on about dinosaurs on-line.
Dinosaur Illustrations - A collection of dinosaur illustrations by various artists from the Web
Dinosaur Gateway  - More dinosaur sites to visit. 
The PaleoNet Pages  - Get connected to more other paleontology sites.
Dinosaur Art and Modeling. - A rich collection of dinosaur art and resources from the Web
DINO-World's Best - Internationale Web-Highlights zu den verschiedensten Themenbereichen. DINO - World's Best presents the world's favorite Web front-runners
A Guide to Dinosaur Resources on the Internet -A categorized list of links to dinosaur sites on the Internet.
Dinosaurs in Cyberspace -More links to dinosaur sites.


Paleontological Society home page - Paleontological Society is an international organization devoted exclusively to the advancement of the science of paleontology through the dissemination of research by publication and meetings.


Other Zoological Sites
HerpSite, REPTILIA & AMPHIBIA . REPTILIA & AMPHIBIA is now the most complete Italian web site about  Reptiles, Amphibians, Terraristic and Herpetology.


Paleontology Book Sites
Burgschmiet Verlag - Deutsche Bücher zu Kino und Fernsehen, Science Fiction, Fantasy & mehr (German books for films, TV, SF, dinosaurs and more)

Dinotopia (Official site) - Famous Dinotopia, created by James Gurney, is a lost civilization where dinosaurs and people live together in harmony.


  Art and other interesting sites  


Comics Sites
Croatian Comics Site and Interactive Strip Encyclopedia
Dan Dare - Comic book site about my favorite and the best ever SF comic strip ( made in the 50s by the British artist Frank Hampson).
Fine Art Sites
World Wide Art Links Links to the fine art sites on the Web
Art on the Web More art links selected by Jeffrey Howe
Salvatore Ventura - Realistic watercolor paintings of architectural details
Lucia Laqua's fine watercolor artwork.  She is a brilliant Brazilian  artist
Torrent Art Gallery Fine art site featuring the art of Mary Blanchette and other
Art, Graphics, and Pictures Links to various art resources and sites, compiled by Lenny. 


  Bay Area Artist Resource


Science Fiction Site
Nuketown: speculative fiction ezine


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