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The Swan
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Origami for Beginners:
The Swan


ori_swn6This is where we left off....




Step 5.

ori_swn8(OOPS...I forgot the arrow telling you to fold up the bottom's point.)



Notice where the dashed line is...
and look at the next picture to see where the point ends up.

This makes the swan's neck.





Step 6.

Fold down the head.



How big do you want the head?

You can change what the bird looks like a lot by varying the length of the neck or of the head.


Step 7.

Fold the swan in half
along the dashed line.





Think about what the arrows are trying to tell you....



Step 7.

Grab the swan by its little neck and pull the paper up until it looks right to you!

Then squeeze the paper at the base of its neck to crease it.


The last step is to pull up its little swan head so it looks forward.....you can figure it out so I'm not going to bother to show you a picture.

Congratulations!! You have done it!


rainbow swan

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