Pictures of Early Cretaceous Site

These pictures are from two early Cretaceous sites in southeastern Oklahoma. A wide variety of fauna was found at these sites. Several volunteers from Oklahoma Museum of Natural History helped to remove a tenontosaur rib and a deinonychus skull at one site. At the other site, OMNH volunteers and staff found have removed a wide variety of Tenontosaurus bones. Several neck vertebrae of a dinosaur as yet undescribed have been collected and are being prepared at the OMNH vertebrate paleontology lab, and will be displayed in the new museum.

In this picture taken from the Tomato Hill site, OMNH volunteers, Adam Roberts, Patrick Griffin, Clay Bowman, and Leesa Hames are carefully removing strata overlying the horizon in which a Tenontosaurus rib had just been found.

In this picture, also from Tomato Hill, Dr. Nick Czoplewski, Gina Gaberino, and Beth Larson are removing two Tenontosaur feet in the small blocks and other asorted bones in the larger block. This picture was taken in 1990.

This picture is from site three. The day this picture was taken, a crew was filming the excavation of some dinosaur material. This film will be part of a documentary to be aired on PBS. On the far left is OMNH curator of paleontology, Dr. Richard Cifelli, followed by PaleOk president and founder, Ashley Griffin, volunteers Kyle Thoreson, Adam Roberts, and Patrick Griffin, geology professor, Lyn Sorghun; volunteers Harold ?, Clay Bowman, and Leesa Hames.

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