Without a doubt, the Orion Nebula is the most looked at and photographed deep sky object in the night sky. It is a naked eye object and appears as a "fuzzy" star in the middle of Orion's sword.

The Messier number of the nebula is 42 and to amateurs and professional astronomers alike, it is commonly referred to as simply "M42". M42 is also the first nebula to have been photographed through the telescope by Henry Draper in 1880. His instrument was an 11 inch reflector and his exposure was 51 minutes. Since then, the nebula has been photographed literally thousands, if not millions of times by amateur and professional astronomers.

This photo is a 75 minute exposure on gas hypered Fuji Super G 800 Plus. Shot with 8 inch Schmidt Cassegrain at f/10 guided with ST-4 autoguider. This photo is raw and not digitally enhanced.