What I have to say about myself

Marc and Canopus XS235Hello, I'm Marc Schaeffer. I was born in Dudelange in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a nice country in the center of Europe.

With my family I live in the vincinity of Luxembourg city.

In '92 I graduated as electromechanical and robotics engineer at the University of Liege in Belgium.

My website ...

John, Alan and Marc with F-BGNX in the back As you may have noticed this website has three major parts. The first one is dedicated to the first jet aircraft, the De Havilland Comet, which I truly admire for it's historical role and it's superb timeless design. My interest started after having read Helmut Gerresheim's book of the Comet. Since then many activities other than the website have taken places, among which the highlight so far was the meeting in July-1999 of some 50 people linked to the Comet. The thumbnail on the side shows John Cunningham and Alan Johnson at my left.

The second part is dedicated to jet aircraft orders, which I am highly interested in. Many key contacts in the industry make this part of my site possible. The last part is covering various aspects of commercial airliners. Due to the success of my site, expect a delay to email replies. Everyone will get a reply ... just be patient.

Should I add that I can only update this website due to the incredible patience of my wife. Thanks for her kind understanding.

My personal interests ...

When time permits I have a lot of interests :

I like to travel a lot, when I can choose I prefer planes. On this homepage the focus is put on commercial aircrafts.
Photography is my number one hobby. It allows me to fix fascinating details.

Planes I flew on

Fleet data up to 2001.

Marc Schaeffer

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