Being the generations of the Dants.  From England, possibly through France,
           to St Mary's Co., Maryland, and finally to Georgetown, and Washington, DC.

Generation 8: (?)
father: John Tant  d. 1702
mother: Margaret Bloomfield  d. 1725/26
         James      b. before 1670 m1. Mary Tattershall m2 Mary Heard
         Ann        b. before 1688, d. before 1708 m. Mark Lampton, Jr
         Mary       b. bef 1668, d after 1725 m. John Manning
         Jane (Jean)b. bef 1702, d 1725/33 m1. John Angel, m2. Richard Thompson
         Margaret   b. bef 1702, d. after 1739 m. Walter Pye
         unborn child?

Generation 7:(?)
father:  James Tant b.  before 1670
                    m1. Mary Tattershall
                    d.  before 10/14/1717
mother:  Mary Tattershall
           John Dant m. Eleanor (Elinor) Nevit
           Ann Tant  m. George Medley

Generation 6:
father:  John Dant of St. Mary's Co, Md b.~1710?
                                        m. Elinor Nevit after 17 Mar 1722/23
                                        d.  October 1763
mother:  Elinor Mills Nevit of St. Mary's Co, Md

   John Baptist Dant of Bardstown    b.1745 in SMC, MD
                                     d. 01 Feb 1808 in Washington Co., Ky
   Mary Dant Mills of Bardstown, Ky  b. 1 Sept 1736 in SMC, Md
                                     m. Justinian Mills 26 Oct 1751
                                     d. 18 Feb 1814
   Ann Dant Spalding                m1. Edward Spalding
                                    m2. Edward Power
   Joseph Francis Xavior Dant of Georgetown, Md  
                                     m. Martha Sheircliff before 26 May 1789
   Charles Dant                      m. Mary Ann Greenwell  1770
                                     d. 1804 in Nelson Co., Ky
   Mary Ann Dant                     m. Abraham Rhodes  21 May 1784
                                     d. 1790 in SMC, Md

Generation 6:
father:  Thomas Sheircliff of St. Charles Co., Md. d. ~24 May 1791

      Ann Sheircliff Sheirburne
      Mary Sheircliff Clements
      Martha Sheircliff Dant
      Catharine Sheircliff

Generation 5:
father: Joseph Francis X. Dant  b. ~ 1740 ? St. Mary's Co
                                d. after 10 April 1800 (?) Georgetown, Md
mother: Martha Sheircliff       b. ~ 1770 ? St. Mary's Co? Charles Co?
                                d. after 10 April 1800 (?) Georgetown, Md

    Thomas Dant          b. 1790   m. Martha B. Outteridge of England, d. before 1863
    William Dant         b. 1791  m. Susan Fenwick  4 May  1814  d. 8 June 1855
    Mary Dant Willett    b. 14 June 1798   m. Samuel Willett    d. 1875
    Joseph Francis Dant  b. 4 March 1800   m1. Harriet Davis
                                            m2. Sarah Belanger

Generation 5:
father:     Richard Fenwick  d. 26 March 1829
                             m. 15 June  1784 in Anne Arundel Co. (if Welch is correct)
mother:     Anne (Welch?)    d. 22 July  1830

     Betsy  m. William Simmons
     Richard Washington  b. 1798   d. 29 Oct 1932
     Margaret  (Peggy)  m.  --  Farland
     Susan  b  1798(?)  1795 (?)  m. William Dant  4 May 1814  d. 10 Oct 1867
     Polly  m. -- Hopkins (?)

Generation 4:
father:  William Dant of the Federal City  b. 14 June 1791 St Charles Co
                                           m. Susan Fenwick 4 May 1814
                                           d.  8 June 1855
mother:  Susan Fenwick Dant       b. 1795?
                                  d. 10 Oct 1867
   Francis Xavior Dant of DC   m. Mary Ann Sewall
   Mary Ann                    m. John Hurley
   Aloisius            b.  June 1819  d. 14 Mar 1820
   Benjamine Aloisius  b. 3 Mar 1821  d.     -- 1821
   Amanda Jane                 m. James French
   William Elexius Dant        m. Sarah Jane Beardsley
   Rosella                     m. Thomas Fitnam, Jr.
   George Washington           m. Mary L. Young
   Clotilda Virginia           m. Thomas Cassell
   Joseph Marcellus            m. "Ciss" (Howard?)
   Laura                       m. Samuel Cox

Generation 4:
father:  - Joseph Beardsley of Dublin?, Ireland
mother:  - Katherine Attridge of Cork?

children:  Sara Jane Beardsley Dant

Generation 3:
father: William Elexius Dant    b. 28 Oct 1829 in Georgetown, DC
                                m. Sara Jane Beardsley  ~1851
                        Dant(e)  as of 1860
                                d. 15 June 1908
mother: Sara Jane Beardsley     b. 1835 in Ireland
                                d. 19 May 1883 in DC

    Katherine Virginia
    Alverda Susan   m  Herbert Erasmus Woodward
    Frank Bennett   m  Sarah Belle Gifford
    Clara Josephine m  Capt John Alexander Miller (really Atteridge)
    Louise Mary
    William Joseph  m  M. Ardelia Scheele
    Henry Mathiew
    Fenwick Sylvester d at 2 yrs 7 mo of age.

Generation 2:
father:  William J Dante of DC  b. 15 Nov 1866
                                m.  Mabel Ardelia Scheele 31 July 1907
                                d.  7 Sept 1937
mother:  Mabel Ardelia Scheele of Georgetown, DC
                                b.  8 Aug 1874  
                                d. 18 Jan 1963

3 children:


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