Adjusted to reflect Deposition Testimony
23 March 1996

the night of the murders.

OJ Simpson was home at 10:50

This is a composite scenario based on the testimony relating to the events at 360 north Rockingham, on the night of June twelfth, 1994, as provided on Timeline Analysis page. The narrator has taken the liberty of injecting possible explainations for observed, or experienced, events. This is a practice commonly associated with either opening, or closing, arguements; and we anticipate no intellectually honest objections to be raised.

Around 10:40 PM, while talking to his girlfriend Rachel Farrara, Brian Kato Kaelin hears a noise, the description of which is evolving. Originally, a loud noise and "earthquake" like shaking, by the time of the Criminal Trial, it became three rapid thumps --- in the location of the airconditioner protruding through the rear wall of his room; now, the noise is a sliding series of thumps originating behind his headboard, sliding in the direction of the picture. Regardless of it's type, the vibration causes a picture, over his bed, to move. He asks Rachel, "Did we just have an earthquake?" To which he received a negative response.

{For the remainder of the evening, and into the next morning, this event remained foremost in the mind of Kato Kaelin. This was demonstrated by the fact that he could not refrain from mentioning it to any and all who would listen.}

Prosecution Theory of Noise doesn't work.

At approximately the same time, 10:39 -- the White Stretch Limousine driven by Allan Park has lightly impacted, and remained in contact with, the Ashford gate. This is realized when Park goes to press the communication button -- which will cause a phone inside Rockingham to ring eight times. Getting no response, he returns to the car and drives back onto Rockingham, makes a left and pulls parallel to the Rockingham Gate. He views the property through the driver's side window. His focus: can he negociate the turn pass the Bentley parked in a niche in the driveway? He decides he can't. In his testimony, he will state that there were two dark cars parked there.

In the shower, Simpson hears the distinctive ring of the phone -- indicating the Limousine has arrived. Assuming that it is his regular driver, he completes his shower, gets partially dressed, puts on a dark robe, and does his last minute packing.

Backing up, past Ashford, Park drives back to the Ashford Gate. [Time: 10:43] Once again, he rings the communication button as if it were a buzzer -- expecting each press of the button to cause a distinct ringing inside -- still no response from the house. [Time: 10:47]

Increasingly nervous, and somewhat agitated, certainly scared, Kaelin decides to investigate the "earthquake". Continuing his conversation with Farrara, he comes back to the earthquake several times before finally taking a penlite flashlight and going to investigate. [Time: 10:48]

At 10:48:40, Allan Park calls his mother -- he needs his boss' home number. At 10:49:07, Park calls Dale St. John at home -- no answer. He again tries the Ashford Gate buzzer.

Simpson is now gathering the final items for his trip; and again, believing it's his regular driver, ignors the phone. In the house, at approximately 10:50, OJ Simpson has just finished showering. He had called his daughter, Sydney, prior to going to McDonald's; he had also made several other calls at that time. At 10:03 -- using his cellphone -- he had tried to reach Paula... probably to square things for not taking her to Sydney's recital. The facts being, he didn't want to chance a scene between Nicole and Paula. Especially not one that would cast a cloud on Sydney's Day.

At approximately the same time, 10:48, Kaelin, having located the penlight in the drawer, proceeds west along a path that parallels Ashford; entering onto the driveway at 10:50, he sees the Limousine -- but not the driver. Kaelin -- notices a light in the master bedroom -- as he passes the front door, the area is dark. There is no light coming through the entry door glass. The Coach Lights, on either side of the door, are off. The only light is from several dim edging -- Mushroom -- lights along the driveway. Kaelin proceeds to the south pathway. He lifts the broken gate and swings it out of the way. He heads east. Scared, he stops five to fifteen feet down the south pathway.

At 10:52:17, Allan Park, responding to the car phone, returned to the Limo. Glancing south -- toward the Simpson house -- Park saw the Mushroom lights along the driveway and informed Dale St. John that the house was otherwise dark. A minute or two later, he notes that the brightest light is now at the entrance to the house. Illumination that had not been been on when Kaelin passed, or prior to the carphone ringing.

The area behind the garage is very dark - the penlight provides no useful illumination. His sense of trepidation growing, Kaelin is unsure of what he is seeking, and what he might find. He cautiously retreats to the safety of the driveway, where he and Simpson are seen by Allan Park.

Allan Park establishes the time - approximately 10:54:42 - thirty seconds before his phone conversation ends. He sees Kaelin look west -- in the direction of the Rockingham driveway and gate. Kaelin sees the Limousine is still outside. He also states that the Rockingham Gate was not opened while he was out there, and that there was only one car -- the Bentley -- parked in the niche. Park then sees Simpson -- who has just placed his golf bag, near the driveway, by an entry bench -- returning into the house for the rest of his bags.

In his deposition statement, Kaelin affirms certain details:

[Mutually exclusive events: Dispelling prosecution myth, we know that Simpson could not have reached the entrance without Kaelin seeing him on the driveway. And certainly, he could not have opened the Rockingham gate to affect entry, without alerting Kaelin. Futher, we know that, had he entered at this time -- that is, had he returned from Bundy at this time -- it would have been impossible for him to be associated with either Kaelin's earthquake, or the glove that was found behind Kaelin's room. Even more impossible, had Simpson just arrived, he could not have turned on the entry light, which had been off when Kaelin passed three minutes earlier.]

Not knowing that Simpson, and another person, were in residence, Park informed his boss, Dale St. John -- to who he's been talking since 10:52:17 -- that, "Somebody's here." To which St.John replies, "Fine. Finish the job, take him to the airport and I will see you tomorrow." [Time: 10:55:12]

Hanging up, Park waits another thirty seconds, or so, before getting out of the car and buzzing the house again. This time, Simpson responds, "I overslept. Just got out of the shower. Be down in a minute." [Time: 10:57]

Simpson denies saying, "I overslept." Stating that he went inside, responded to the phone, removed his robe, went to get his coat, gathered his any other items, and exited the house.

In the mean time, Kaelin has crossed the door yard to the Gate Control and opened the Ashford Gate.

Park drives in, not noticing the Simpson dog, Chachi. Kaelin, seeing the dog laying near the box, realized it could have be hit, and yells to the dog, "Chachi! Move! Move!". The dog goes to lie on the grass near the path on the Ashford side lawn. The Limousine pulls in with the drivers window parallel to the front entrance. He sees several duffle bags on the porch, one of which is unzipped. [Time: 10:58]

Kaelin goes over to talk to Allan Park, who is now getting out of the stretch Limousine, and preparing to open the truck to accept the luggage. "Is OJ running late?" Kaelin asks. To which Allan Park replies, "Mr. Simpson overslept." Kaelin replies, "Oh, he's got flight to catch." Then almost immediately asks, "Did we have an earthquake?" To which park replies, "No, not that I'm aware of. I've been sitting there, and I didn't feel anything move." Kaelin rattles on about the noise and the earthquake, and loads the golf bag into the trunk. Park then meanders over to pet the dog. And Kaelin goes behind the house and down the south pathway for a second time. Now, feeling somewhat more secure in the knowledge that the driver is there, he come within three feet of the second gate. His pen light yields possibly eight feet of view -- not sufficient to see the area behind his room, or around the airconditioner.

At approximately 11:00, OJ Simpson finally emerges from the house, coat in hand and ready to load the Limousine. He runs back into the house, and makes last minute checks for forgotten items. As usual, he's running late -- it's a characteristic well known to, and taken for granted by, all who know him. Coming out and seeing the Limousine in front of the entry, and Kaelin & Park already loading the luggage, he goes back into the house. Allan Park notes that OJ brings nothing in, or out. We later learn that Simpson did forget 'to make sure the lights were out'. Some lights are still on when the police arrive the following morning.

During the conversation between Park and Kaelin, Park notices Simpson going to retrieve something from one of the Two dark cars. Simpson states that he retrieved his cellphone case and battery pack from the Bronco.

Returning to the driveway, Brian Kaelin -- intending to ask Park if he has a better flashlight -- sees Simpson. He also notices a small knapsack behind one of the two dark cars near the southern dim light on the Rockingham Drive. Kaelin tells Simpson, "OJ, I heard this noise and thought it was an earthquake, and thought, maybe, somone is back there." Kaelin goes on to say he wanted to investigate it, but needed a better flashlight. Kaelin asks Park for a flashlight, as Simpson goes inside to see if there's one in the house. When Park says he has none, Kaelin follows Simpson into the house. [Time: 11:02]

Park also notices the small bag -- behind the second dark car -- in the middle of the radius joining the Ashford and Rockingham driveways. He says, "Is that going?" and moves to retreive it. Simpson responds, "I'll get it." and Park finishes to loading the luggage into the Limousine. Kaelin also states he noticed the bag, and that the "I'll get it," comment was directed to him.

Heading towards the kitchen area, Simpson notices the time, and says, "Is it that late? We don't have time to check. I have to catch my flight." Returning outside, Kaelin goes to open the Rockingham gate while Simpson and Park get in the Limousine. [Time: 11:04]

Brian Kaelin then goes back inside his room, and again calls Rachel Farrara. Time -- 11:05.

About 11:35 {The precise time of the call was not entered into evidence -- the depositions indicate it was made from a pay phone at LAX}: Kaelin's conversation with Farrara is interupted by call-waiting. It's Simpson, in his hurry to leave, he forgot to set the house alarm, would Kaelin do it? Simpson gives Kaelin the security code, Kaelin tells Farrara what he has to do, and goes to set the alarm. Kaelin then calls Farrara back, and they talk until (about) 1:00 AM. Prior to falling asleep, Kaelin hears Arnell Simpson return home. [Time: 1:00 AM]

As we see, there is no opportunity for Simpson to have droped the incriminating glove near the air conditioner. Consider the prosecution scenario: In the dark -- at approximately 10:42:30 PM, while Kaelin and Farrara are talking -- Simpson opened the broken gate, ran down a dark, and somewhat narrow, pathway, opened a second gate and proceeded to run directly into a protruding airconditioner. The impact somehow caused three thumps, coinciding with Simpson droping the glove -- but nothing else. And the droped glove, obviously, went unnoticed. Simpson then runs back into the house -- remembering to close each of the gates. He suffers no bruise, or contusions, dispite the fact that he impacted with enough force to create an "earthquake". And, he is not in such a hurry as to forget to close a broken gate. He then runs into the house, and secretes all other evidence so that none -- save the glove and blood in the Bronco -- can be found.

If you have problems with that scenario, the prosecution provided a second alternative: Simpson arrives back from committing a double murder, some ten minutes after "the earthquake" -- is seen by Allan park entering the house -- but still, in some unexplained and unwitnessed manner manages to get behind Kaelin's room, and manages to have dropped the glove without crashing into Kaelin -- who was returning from investigating the noise behind his room. To offer this second scenario, Marcia Clark must disregard the testimony she developed with Kaelin, and which he has since affirmed in greater in detail at his February 14th Deposition Hearing.

Notice, when you place the prosecution scenarios side-by-side, they are mutually exclusive. And further, as we have seen in both, only Brian Kaelin goes behind the house along the south pathway. And it is Kaelin who opens the broken gate. It is the job of the prosecution to provide a coherent logic. All of the evidence presented must fit the theory of the crime in a coherent manner. In this case, we have two elements that follow mutually exclusive logic.

In addition, we have the testimony of Robert Heidstra, who hears Ronald Goldman confront the killer at 10:40, and sees a Jeep Cherokee, Blazer, or possibly Bronco at Bundy, at 10:45. Knowing that Detective Vannatter established the drive time is 5.5 to 6 minutes between Bundy and Rockingham -- Simpson would have arrived at approximately 10:51. He would have been just in time to run straight into Kaelin, or be seen by Park at 10:52. But, to the extent we have the eyewitness testimony that precludes Simpson from going onto the south pathway after 10:52, Simpson is precluded from dropping the glove behind Kaelin's room. And no amount of prosecutorial manipulation of times can alter that factual reality.

CONCLUSION: The Rockingham Glove was planted.
The prime suspect is Detective Mark Fuhrman.

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