I also specialize in State Police/Highway Patrol SWAT patches. This is what I have so far. All listed patches are new. None of these patches are for trade. Patches with a star* in front of them I received directly from the agency in question.

Alabama Troopers SUBDUED
*Alaska State Troopers SERT
*Arizona Department of Public Safety SPECIAL OPERATIONS
Connecticut State Police TACTICAL UNIT
*Connecticut State Police SUBDUED
*Florida Highway Patrol SUBDUED (Black & Silver)
Georgia State Patrol SUBDUED
*Kentucky State Police SUBDUED (Black & Silver)
Maine State Police TACTICAL TEAM
Massachusetts State Police Troop F SPECIAL REACTION TEAM (unit patch)
Mississippi Highway Patrol TACTICAL OPERATIONS
*Missouri State Highway Patrol SUBDUED (Obtained from Troop B Headquarters in Macon, Missouri)
New Jersey State Police SUBDUED
Ohio State Highway Patrol SRT
Oklahoma Highway Patrol SUBDUED
Oklahoma Highway Patrol TACTICAL TEAM (UNIT PATCH)
Pennsylvania State Police SUBDUED
Texas Department of Public Safety SWAT
*Utah Department of Public Safety SERT
*Virginia State Police 7th Division Tactical Team (Obtained from 7th Division, Area 10 Office in Leesburg, VA)
*Washington State Patrol SUBDUED
West Virginia State Police SUBDUED 1