O.K. Here They Are - LINKS! (ta-da!)

Politics- one of my favorite subjects (Liberals- enter at your own risk)

Conservative Generation X - A great place for my generation to hang out (when not in class or at work, that is.)
The Right Side of The Web - Considering all of the extremely liberal sites that are around, this one is refreshing.
Illinois Republican State Central Committee- Check out their calendar listing for February 24th!
THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet- Almost as good as watching C-SPAN
The Constitution- Read the document helps make this country great
The Library of Congress- Enough information to make your head explode!
Republican Web Central- All things Republican
The Republican National Committee's Site- A VERY nice site with a lot of information- includes multimedia
Federal News Service- Text of speeches and much more
FedWorld- Lots of information plus many links to even more
Newt Gingrich Speech Archive- Hmm...I wonder what this site may contain
The State of Illinois Homepage- The state that gave birth to the Republican Party (please, hold your applause. Thank you.)
The United States Flag Homepage- Another Illinois-based site that is well worth a visit
The Grand Old Page- Put in your vote for a Republican candidate here
The Conservative Union at Dartmouth- They're young. They're conservative. They are the future.
The Liberalism Lounge- Hey, it's good for a laugh

The News Media- I often hate to admit it, but I'm part of it (Not all of us are bad, just most.)

The Northern Star- The college paper where I was a photographer. It's gone downhill since I left. Sad- but true.
Society of Professional Journalists- I am a member, thank you.
CNN- I never worked there, nor am I a member. It is still kind of cool, though.
AP Wire- I would like to work here.
The Chicago Tribune- It is supposed to be a fairly conservative paper, BUT it is not.
USA Today- A Gannett newspaper- I'd like to work for them too. (hint, hint)
The Washington Weekly- From the makers of Newt's Speech Archive
The Detroit News- If you don't look at this I'm going on strike
Online Campus Newspapers- For better or worse, this is the future of the media
NewsLink- THE place to find links to online newspapers and magazines

Online Magazines- These are great jump off places

Online Access- One of the best magazines for internet info
Ziff-Davis Publishing's ZDnet- These guys have a lot of magazines!
Sports Illustrated- Lot's of really sweaty people playing sports

Photography and Photojournalism type stuff

Schwarz Illustrated- It was this site that put the idea into my head to have my own homepage
National Press Photographers Association- aka NPPA because it is easier to say
Photojournalist's Coffee House- What a great combination: coffee and photography

Miscellaneous- stuff that doesn't really fit anywhere else

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream- Just the best durn ice cream there is
The Real Beer Page- A website devoted to beer. Yummy!
Letterman's Top Ten- Let's face it, Leno sucks

Some of my friends who are on the WEB

Jeff Nuckles- Check out his page and then offer him a high-paying job
Markos Moulitsas- He may be liberal, but he's my friend anyway. (Besides, he does like good beer and saltwater fish)
Debbie Hendricks- If her page is still obnoxious, please let her know it

More links coming soon.....

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