Internet Privacy Links

AntiOnline's Special Report on Internet Privacy

The American Civil Liberties Union's Take Back Your Data Campaign

Anonymizer, Inc.: Internet Privacy and Anonymity Services

Better Business Bureau Online Testimony before Congress, Privacy Program

Center for Democracy and Technology's Guide to Online Privacy

Certicom Corp. Cryptographic Technologies

Codex Surveillance and Privacy Page

Computer and Network Security Reference Index

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility's Privacy and Civil Liberties Page

Cookie Central All about Internet Cookies

Electronic Frontier Foundation Home of the Blue Ribbon Campaign

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Federal Trade Commission's Privacy Page

House of Representatives Internet Law Library: Internet Law Library Privacy and information access

Infowar's List of Sponsors Companies that sell security software

International Computer Security Association

Internet Privacy Coalition Home of the Golden Key Campaign

The Libertarian Party's Platform: Protection of Privacy

Libertarians for Privacy

Privacy, Inc.

RSA Data Security Cryptography FAQ

Vortex Technology'sPrivacy Forum

W3C's Platform for Privacy Preferences Project

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