Cry Havoc

By Festus3

Scene opens in front of the Maximal base, the soldiers have filed back into their separate drop schooners, the Maximals all get into the bridge, Bambard and Whiplash take the controls.

BAMBARD: The Amazon's are on their way to the Pred base already, if we leave now we should beat'em. (Dinobot doesn't bother to sit down, a strong look on his face.)

DINOBOT: Let us not waste time, (He picks up a radio communicator.) Platoons check ready? (One by one they respond in order.)

PAKANDUS: Platoon one prepared. (He looks around, most everyone is nervous, some of the psychos are anxious.)

VROCK: Platoon two ready! (He finishes strapping his computer onto his chest and starts strapping something large to his back.)

X-SEVEN: Gheekash'n thyop eska pond'reas. (He tightens the straps of the various blades and guns on his long arms and legs.)

FACTA: Platoon four is ready! (He lifts up a massive phasma gun and cocks it.)

VACTU: Pootan fife ees redaw. (He can barely speak the words, they come out garbled and scratchy. On the bridge Dinobot gives the signal.)

DINOBOT: Let's go! (Bambard and Whiplash take the ship up, Bambard maneuvers it around the protruding base and takes off above the jungle.)

BAMBARD: Whoo-hoo! It ends right here Predacons! (Dinobot whispers to himself.)

DINOBOT: I do not know if I wish this, or despise it's end, but let that battle begin. (One of the flying fire tigers is scattering a group of frog/monkeys when they pass over-head, the creatures all stop and stare as the trees rustle. Dinobot looks over the computer systems, then picks up the intercom.) All platoon leaders, your schooners will be released in order of platoon number, the auto computer will line you up along the beach front, as soon as you are landed you need two men to each of your armored assault vehicles while the rest seek immediate placement in any safe spot. My crew will enter the Predacon base and attack the inside, the other approaching team will cover the perimeters of the jungle around the beach, good luck, and good hunting.

WHIPLASH: We are approaching the Predacon base, E.T.A., ten minutes.

Scene goes to inside the Predacon base, Tarantulas and the others are in a frenzy, all in robot mode, they are dashing from place to place, inside the cave and the bridge, preparing any system they can to defend themselves.

TARANTULAS: Drone! How close are they!? (Drone slides to a stop at a computer.)

DRONE: Too close! We don't have enough defensive means! (Teraductile and Anacronda run up to Tarantulas.)

TERADUCTILE: We can handle this! (He slams his fists together to get an electric charge. Anacronda cocks his long laser rifle.)

ANACRONDA: We have to face it, without the Titans it ends here! We might as well go down taking some of them to. (Transquito runs up to them.)

Transquito: Isn't there some escape route? (Tarantulas lights up.)

TARANTULAS: Of course! I have several! (He turns on the computer and a map comes up of a few of the tunnels in the cave.) We can all take separate tunnels, they all end relatively near the Maximal base, we might just be able to pull something off! Batteram! Chameleotron! Bombshell! Get over here! (They come from various directions.)

BATTERAM: What is it!?

TARANTULAS: I have a plan that may insure our survival from this, (He opens a closet and pulls out eight flashlight boxes.) each of these has enough explosives to take out the Maximal base if we use them all at once. (He clicks a button on the computer and chips start to come out.) Each one of these leads down a different tunnel, they all come out in the jungle roughly a kilometer away from the Maximal base, some will need to be blasted open, the thickest wall you will come in contact with should only be four meters. As soon as we are all out we will keep a line of communications and head for the Maximal base, when there, the fliers will place the charges in a semi-circle atop the Maximal base in the mountain's wall. When blown, the Maximal base will be no more! Ah! Ah-ha! Hahahahahahahahaha- (Drone clamps a hand over his mouth.)

DRONE: Shh! Listen. (They walk slowly out of the bridge and down the hallway into the cave, there is a scratching sound, like millions of spiders moving at once.)

Scene goes to above the jungle, the military drop ship swoops away from the jungle and over the beach.

DINOBOT: Platoon one! Launch! (Whiplash hits the command lever. The first schooner releases from the star-shape on the belly of the ship, is careens down and the engines compensate, landing neatly on one side of the beach.) Platoon two! Launch! (Vrock is jolted when the schooner is released, on the beach they land thirty yards away from P1, just as the door on the front of P1 blasts open, an armored vehicle pushes out first, with a driver inside and Pakandus standing next to the gunner on top, he turns on his cloaking camouflage, the seven others pour out and scatter over the beach, behind rocks and anything else.) Platoon three! Launch! (As the third launches above them the second armored vehicle rolls out of the P2 schooner, Vrock in the gunnery seat with a huge flamethrower. As Platoon three hits ground thirty yards away from two, a seismic burst flies from the sand and pelts the drop ship, in the bridge Dinobot is flung to the side.) Steady! Platoon four! Launch! (The fourth schooner drops, the already released soldiers stare at the crater about twenty yards in front of the Pred base and about forty away from the third Platoon, which is in a straight line from the front of the Pred base.

Back inside the Pred base Tarantulas and the others are now retreating back into the ship, behind them is a wall of black, dozens upon dozens of Xenomorph drones are crawling over the walls, floor, and ceiling, they duck into the still open room where the Titans were activated and Drone closes the door, they hear them scratching and scraping as they rush by.)

BATTERAM: What are they doing in here!?

TARANTULAS: I don't know! But I don't think they want us!

Transquito: Do you think it's the Titans!? (A realization sets over them.)

TARANTULAS: This will give us more time to eliminate the Maximal base! (The scraping and scratching ebbs.) They won't attack us! Drone! Open the door!

(The door slides open, knocking several Xenomorph loose, the eight Predacons power against the flow of the spidery creatures, the Xenomorph themselves try not to run into the Predacons as they pass by. On the beach, the sand around the edges of the crater is disturbed as Xenomorph drones pour out of there as well, then, something even more horrible comes out, it is huge and lumbering, it resembles a Xenomorph but is about ten feet standing up, it has big, thick, muscular arms, a thick and powerful torso, short and powerful legs, it's head resembles the queen Xenomorph but it has two piercing yellow eyes that seem to bulge out of their sockets, it lets out a menacing roar and bares its jagged and random teeth, another strange creature bounds up out of the crater, it has two very muscular and long legs that connect where the shoulders are, it's head is Xenomorph, except the head bulges and has two sacs in the back sides that expand and compress as it breathes, it has no apparent eyes, the camera goes to it's view, a sort of infrared, it looks up to see the drop ship in the air.)

DINOBOT: Ground team fire! Platoon five! Launch! (The ground team fires at the two creatures, the shots hit, but make a liquid noise and leave silvery splash-like marks in their flesh that melt back to normal, the Xenomorph on the other hand continue to pour over the beach and burn and sizzle on the sand when hit, the two-legged creature focuses on the fifth schooner, the camera shows a front view, it opens its mouth and begins to suck in air, the two sacks on the back of the head swell, it opens its mouth wide, baring long viprish teeth, then it releases the pressure, a ball of flame spews from its mouth, Vactu looks out of the schooner window in time to see it traveling at them.)

VACTU: Ahhhhhh! (They have no more time to react, the fireball hits them, instantly causing a backdraft suction to engulf the small ship, Bambard watches it splash to the water and explode.)

BAMBARD: What the slag was that!? (Whiplash points down.)

WHIPLASH: What the slag is that!? (Next to the other two a long and ghastly Xenomorph-like snake has slithered from the crater, its head is covered with long, ribbed spikes, about a dozen on top, and about a dozen on the bottom, all located at the end of a five foot mouth, it has roughly fifteen small and black spidery eyes on its head, with rows of spikes down its thirty foot body, it opens its huge mouth to reveal layers of thin, long and very sharp teeth, it lets out a screeching hiss as several shots are absorbed. Vrock's AV pulls up alongside Pakandus's as they take a wide circle around the beach and mow down Xenomorph, Pakandus has turned off his camouflage.)

VROCK: What are we up against!? (He turns his massive flamethrower and torches a cluster of Xenomorph.)

PAKANDUS: I don't know, these are the most powerful creatures I've ever seen.

(He looks down at a Xenomorph that is crawling up onto the AV, his three-laser helmet sight centers on its eyeless exoskull, and a sparkling ball of energy blows it apart, his gunner shoots at another group of Xenomorph, one of the AV's, the one from X-Seven's platoon, has decided to make a mad run for the three creatures, the two-leg jumps to the side, the viper rears back and strikes, ripping the gunner out of his perch, the burly one in the center bends forward and takes the AV full force, it slams into it, the creature uses the momentum to lift the AV over its head.

From behind it a mass of spikes leaps from the crater, it resembles a large Xenomorph with two heads, four long arms and two long legs, three tails tipped with random amounts of spikes, a body covered in jagged spines, spikes, and razors, its heads are mostly Xenomorph but at the front it begins to flatten in a disk shape with numerous jagged teeth, each has a row of three eyes on each side of the heads. The mass slams into the AV, ripping it from the hands of the other, the AV skids toward the beach with the creature on top, a few shots splork into the creature, it hisses at the shooters with one head, and looks into the cockpit of the AV with the other, the driver has aimed a gun straight at it, he fires, the shot travels all the way through the head.

The camera goes behind the creature, you can see through a silvery tunnel, the shocked look on the driver's face, the tunnel melts shut and it reaches one of its long arms into the cab and rips him out, it then disposes of him by ripping the now ex-convict into shreds with its bare hands. Several dozen yards away the snake-like one throws the gunner into the air and tries to catch him, the gunner pulls out his pistol and fires down into the mouth, the serpent is jerked to the side and he falls clear, it recovers, as he is running down the sand the creature rams him from behind, impaling him on the spikes protruding around its mouth, it opens its mouth, ripping and shredding the body.

A fifth form shoots out of the hole and into the sky, it screeches and spreads its wings, silhouetted against the moon, it resembles a bird Xenomorph, with two sets of wings, a small and strong set where the arms should be, with a broad and light set behind those, it has two very powerful, three-toed feet, with long talons, four tails are jutting out and thrashing the air, each tail is about eight feet long, with a four-bladed claw at the end of each, its head resembles the queen, with horns jutting from the top, it has a long mouth and two piercing yellow eyes. The flying nightmare swoops down, Pakandus and Vrock's AV's pass under it, as it swoops by they fire like mad, the shots either pass through the wings or make the liquid-like splashes in its body.

On the edge of the beach Facta's Platoon is being forced back into their schooner by the Xenomorph, two of the men are already being drug back into the crater, most likely being taken back to the nest, they get inside and close the door. When they have it sealed they hear the Xenomorph trying to get in, a shorter soldier runs up to Facta, he is short and mainly human except he is reptilian.)

GASHA: What are we doing here!? Those things will kill us all! (Facta thinks for a moment, then turns the charge on his phasma rifle to high so hard that the toggle breaks off.)

FACTA: Not all of us. (He blasts the door off, outside the camera shows the door blow off, sizzling several drones, Facta runs out onto the beach, he shoots several and is caught in a circle of them, there is a moment of silence as they start to close in.) Ahhhhhhhhh! (He lets out a war cry as he spins and fires a solid beam, it sizzles several of them in a line before they overrun him.) Get back men! (The men back up into the schooner, a Xenomorph steps over the gun and the camera shows it begin to glow white-hot as the plasma relay overloads, there is an explosion that sends bits of drones and acid blood raining down, inside the schooner Gasha steps back just as the shockwave sends a Xenomorph in, he steps up to it and shoots it right through the head.)

GASHA: Let's go men! (They pour out of the schooner and engage the Xenomorph again. A voice comes out of the crater.)

DARKRAZOR: Honey! I'm home! (She seems to gracefully float up out of the hole effortlessly, in robot mode, she's sitting on Quake's shoulders, she has her whip in one hand, her double-mouth gun in the other, and her crest shield fastened to her gun arm, she instantly blocks several shots with her shield while Quake blocks his face with his beak shield.) Chill out! (She follows Pakandus's AV as it passes behind her, he notices her and starts to run for the back of it, she fires, the acidic fire-ball flies through the air, Pakandus jumps over the gunner who is struggling with his straps, the shot slams into the cab in the front, Pakandus leaps just as the blast engulfs the AV, he slams down to the sand as the AV rolls to a stop in front of the Predacon base, Vrock's AV has turned clear and blown into a section of jungle, under the cover of foliage the Amazons dodge clear and take their hiding spots back. The five creatures stop and look at her.) Come here! (They obediently walk up to her, the flying one lands on the sand, they line up evenly in front of her and turn to face the beach, each one roughly ten feet tall, they are still absorbing fire the whole time.) Could I have a moment!? (Dinobot and Panthor exchange glances, Dinobot brings the speaker to his mouth.)

DINOBOT: Men, cease fire, give them a moment. (Quake sets her down and crawls out of the hole, they stand on the beach with the creatures lined in front of them, all of the Xenomorph as well have stopped and are standing at attention like statues. One soldier cocks his weapon and prepares to fire, he is blown in half by the gut-buster, Quake gives a curious cock of an eyebrow.)

DARKRAZOR: Why thank you Dinobot, you're so sweet. First of all I would like to introduce our new pets, (She motions to the creatures.) while in the massive desert we were forced to travel south to the other side, while there we were aided with technology on how to create these, the viruses, Vile, (The strong one that came out first.) Backdraft, (The two-legged fire-breather.) Asp, (The huge spiny snake.) Carnage, (The razor covered four-armed two-headed monster.) and Phoenix. (The four-winged, four-tailed creature.) We started out by selecting creatures from the southern hemisphere, all of which are very potent, we hybrid them with Xenomorph DNA and also used a method given to us that combines CR fluid with micron data computers. To put it into laymen's terms, these creatures are made of liquid metal, if you shoot them, as you've seen, they heal instantly, they are invincible. Oh, and the Xenomorph, they as well are under my control alone, I can will legions more to pour out of the ground if I wish. (Dinobot's voice comes over the speaker.)

DINOBOT: Where is you brother, Brutallion? (Darkrazor gives a sly smile, in the jungle Vrock's AV is rolling out of control through the trees, Vrock gets the straps off of himself finally and garbs a low branch, the flamethrower is still strapped to his back, he pulls loose and drops to the ground, the AV continues to power through the trees when two huge robot hands shoot out of the ground and grab the sides, Vrock leaps to the side and disappears into a fern bush, Brutallion steps up out of the underground tunnel, holding the AV high above himself. Back on the beach Darkrazor hears the crashing, the Amazons turn around to see the thirty foot robot coming through the tall jungle trees, they hit the ground, Tankeel rolls to the side to avoid being stepped on, Pakandus comes to, he turns on his camouflage and leaps to the side.)

BRUTALLION: You wouldn't be planning on leaving the planet with that ship would you? (He takes a few steps and hurls the AV at the military dropship, in the cockpit they brace for the impact, the AV slams into the side and drives through the metal walls, the driver looks out of the view port into the hallway of the ship.)

DRIVER: Whoo-hoo! I made it! (A fuel tank in the ship explodes. On the bridge Bambard and Whiplash are trying like mad to restabilize them while Waspinater begins to run in circles. On the beach Brutallion steps up next to his brother and sister.)

DARKRAZOR: Xenomorph! Viruses! Attack! Ahhahahahahaha! (The Titans themselves begin to fire and the Xenomorph resume their attack, the viruses split up, Vile, Carnage, Asp, and Backdraft each head for a schooner, Phoenix approaches the dropship.)

BRUTALLION: Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war! Hawhawhaw! (The soldiers return fire in a massive wave of artillery. In the bridge Dinobot grabs for the speaker.)

DINOBOT: Men! Scatter! I repeat! Scatter! You can't win in the open! (Instruments are starting to explode.)

PARRATOR: We're dead!

BOOMERANG: We can't make it! (Razorjaw is working at a monitor trying to get something to work.)

WASPINATER: Waspinater just got back! Waspinater doesn't want to die!

DINOBOT: Whiplash! Try to take us down on top of the Titans! We may still be able to enter the Predacon base. (Whiplash engages the thrusters, Darkrazor takes aim at the bridge, Quake aims his seismic cannon as well, then Brutallion brings up his huge fusion cannon.)

DARKRAZOR: Fire! (A burst exits each of their barrels at the same time, time freezes as the shots head for the view port, the camera pans around Razorjaw as everything turns black except himself, there is a white and ghostly glow on a control panel, a lever is lit up, time goes back to normal and he dives for the lever, outside of the ship the camera shows the shots a few meters away, flares blast around the edge of the bridge and it starts to go up, the shots travel under the now disengaged bridge and collide, from a top view you can see the bridge being forced up even higher by the massive explosion, the Titans continue to fire, the ship is thrown back by the blast and the massive force, the soldiers watch as it travels back over their heads in a burning fireball and crashes into the water, steam hisses as the flames are put out and the ship sinks down, the bridge sails through the air, the parachute comes out and they start to come down, the Titans prepare to fire, Gasha yells over the explosions and gunshots.)

GASHA: Cover them! (He starts firing at the Titans, Backdraft stalks up behind him through the trees and takes a deep breath, opening its mouth wide, the sacs on the back of its head are swelling, a sparkling ball of energy comes out of a tree in front of Gasha and flies into its mouth, Backdraft's head explodes, scattering liquid metal fragments everywhere, Gasha is blown down by the shockwave, Pakandus materializes and drops down out of the tree in front of him and helps him up.) What was that!?

PAKANDUS: Hurry, he will regenerate soon. (The pieces have already melted to liquid and are flowing back together. The Titans are taken off guard by a wave of firepower from the jungle, Darkrazor is taken off her feet, Quake's gun is blown out of his hands by a rocket launcher, Brutallion takes the hits easily but misses his shot at the falling bridge.)

QUAKE: You'll pay for that! (By this time all of the soldiers have abandoned the schooners and AV's and gone into the jungle, as well as the Xenomorph and Viruses. Quake lights up his eye lasers and fires randomly into the jungle, one beam travels through a Xenomorph drone and the soldier it's fighting. In the air Phoenix rams into the bridge, trying to get it into the water. Under the water, the driver of the AV pushes his way out of the rubble and swims to the surface, as he breaks through it he takes in a lung full of air.)

DRIVER: Ha! Haha! I lived! Ha! I'm invincible! (Behind him, the reflection of the moons on the water is broken by a set of fifteen shimmering eyes, the driver has a strange feeling of something watching him and turns around to see Asp's head all the way out of the water, it hiss/screeches and opens its mouth wide.) Ahhhhhhhhhh! (With lightning speed Asp strikes and takes him under. In the sky, Razorjaw shoots the windshield out with his two guns and fires at Phoenix, when the window blows out it causes an emergency hatch to blast open, sucking Pestalance out, Dinobot drives by Razorjaw in vehicle mode and ramps out of the open window, he transforms in midair and pulls out his two samurai swords, he lands on top of Phoenix and drives them both into its shoulders.)

BAMBARD: Go Dinobot! (In the water Asp looks up and sees the bridge coming down on him, it lets out a hiss as the bridge slams into the water, it goes around to the open windshield, Razorjaw, in beast mode, has melded his body to have long insect-like arms coming out of any bare spot, on the end of each ten foot arm is a long, three-foot, serrated blade, he launches himself into the water and digs the many blades into Asp's head.)

RAZORJAW: Go! Go! Go! (The rest of the Maximals pour out of the windshield and swim or fly to shore, Razorjaw powers his fins to keep Asp from attacking them, he concentrates and his tail thickens and grows longer, the muscles doubling in strength, he pulls the creature out to sea. Phoenix slams to the ground, with Dinobot still holding onto his swords, the creature tries to turn its head around, then stills itself, four blades suddenly explode out of Dinobot's chest as one of Phoenix's tails hits him from behind, it then throws him away onto the beach and rips the swords out of its back, then takes flight and heads for the jungle.)