Racism in Corporate Canada Media

by S. Pieters, B.A.
Law Student, Osgoode Hall Law School

This page is an attempt at exploring media images of African Canadians. It is an attempt to counter the negative stereotypes and to advocate for fair and accurate reporting of race issues.

Canadian Content

  • Avery Haines

    Diversity needed in newsrooms to better reflect society, forum told February 08, 2001

    Black History Month Symposium entitled "Reporting on Race Then and Now: The Press, Race Relations and Public Policy" February 07, 2001

    Racism in Corporate Canada Media: CTV NewsNet anchor Avery Haines insults Blacks on-air in an anti-black diatribe

    Loose lips sink NewsNet anchor

    Canada TV firm fires announcer for abusive comments

    Dropped anchor supported in polls

    CTV fires Newsnet anchor after she makes off-the-cuff comments that minorities found offensive

    CTV Newsnet Anchor Dismissed Newswire Press Release

    This is CTV. You will not be funny Christie Blatchford

    Canadian Race Relations Foundation condemns discriminatory comments made by CTV NewsNet anchor

  • Comments on the Avery Haines Case

    Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 08:42:58 -0800 (PST)
    From: wayne spence
    Subject: Racism in the Media
    To: obarri@oocities.com
    I was very disturbed to read about the comments made by a CTV News employee. I commend your group for exposing her and hopefully this will send a message to others with similar prejudices...



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