The Raid against Arutz 7 radio:
The freedom of speech and the israeli press

"Arutz 7" [i.e. the Seventh Channel] shown as a viper snake !,
published in Israeli newspaper "Yediot Hachronot", 8 July 1998..

This could be typical of the "support" of the left-wing Israeli media to the sole right-wing and religious radio ! Freedom of speech ? Yes, only if you think like me !


The "thoughts" police: "Aha ! Someone gave you a permit to think ?" (Adapted from Superman 3). Courtesy newspaper Hatsofe, 26.06.1998.
A7The following text is adapted from Arutz 7 News Service,   Thursday, July 2, 1998 / Tammuz 8, 5758

Veteran television and radio commentator Yaakov Achimeir called Arutz-7 today in the framework of the telethon, and made the following public comments:
"I would like to express my astonishment, mixed with protest, at the fact that I have not seen my journalist colleagues raising an eyebrow while broadcasters and journalists of Arutz-7 are brought for police investigation.  I think that everything must be done within the framework of the law, but at least the journalists should be asking, 'What's going on here?', or [calling for a] speedy end to the story, expressing a hope that the story should end and that a legal solution should be found for Arutz-7. 
I can assume that if a different ideological body was at issue, then it is very likely that the Journalists Association, of which I a dues-paying member, would have sounded some sort of statement... It is not conceivable that all the thousands of members would sit by quietly...
  I did not turn to the organization, but I am now speaking publicly, and maybe some of them are hearing me now, and maybe they will ask themselves what is this silence of the National Journalists Association... I hear now that some of the Arutz-7 staff are members of the association, and this is even more astonishing.  And I know that Arutz-7 pays royalties to the musicians of Israel for their music, and they too are silent?!  This means that they are only willing to accept money from Arutz-7, but not willing to say a word of encouragement when the station goes through hard times?!..."

The following text is adapted from Arutz 7 News Service, Friday, July 3, 1998 / Tammuz 9, 5758  


Professors for a Strong Israel had warm words of praise for veteran television and radio news personality Yaakov Achimeir, for his "professional honesty." Achimeir said yesterday, in a phone call to Arutz-7 during the station's annual telethon, that he does not understand the silence of his colleagues in light of the interrogation of the Arutz-7 journalists. "If a different ideological body had been involved, it is likely that they would not have been so silent," Achimeir said. Professors for a Strong Israel said that Achimeir's words stand out against the background of the "screaming silence of Israel's journalists on this topic."

Courtesy newspaper Yediot Haharonot, 23/06/1998.
The newspaperYediot Haharonot giving some news about Arutz 7 radio, presented on the same full page an article about Arutz 7 (up side), an article about Baruch Goldstein (left down side) [who killed muslem people in prayer at Hebron a few years ago] and an article with a photography (right down side) about Ygal Amir, the murderer of last PM Ytzhak Rabin (za"l) in 1995.

There is no doubt that the intentional proximity of the articles was to show a so-called link between Arutz 7 radio religious right-wing policy and the two murderers (also religious right-wing activists).

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