Palestinian Peace Generation,
The Lynch
The Israeli Photographer

Lynch of Israelis
Courtesy Makor Rishon 4.12.1998

An Israeli car, with a soldier and a citizen,
was attacked by a palestinien mob at Ayosh Intersection near Ramallah and Bet El.

Source: Arutz 7 -

Diplomatic, political, public-legal, security, and other consequences of yesterday's near-lynch of Yehuda Oliva and a soldier just south of Beit El continue to be felt.

Yesterday afternoon [2.12.1998], in a savage, well-planned, and filmed attack, a mob of Arab university students attacked two Israelis at Ayosh Junction, at the northern entrance to Ramallah. The Arabs wounded Oliva, a Jerusalem resident, and a soldier who was in his car when they threw large stones and blocks at their car.

They beat up the soldier, stole his weapon, and set the car ablaze. Films of the attack, which were widely televised in Israel and around the world, show the Arabs hurling large stones at army jeeps, an Israeli car, and then at Oliva's car - which did not have protective windows.

The film shows the large stones being thrown, the driver running away, the soldier attacked while still in the car, and his weapon being stolen by one of the Arabs. The weapon was later returned by the PA, after the army sealed off the exits from Ramallah.

The Palestinian television:
"A Palestinian Peace demonstration for the prisonners
was attacked by the occupation soldiers!"

The Israeli soldier, without any weapon,
was beatten with rocks
by the Palestinian "peacefull" mob !
Lynch of a Israeli soldier
Courtesy Makor Rishon 4.12.1998
Lynch of Israelis
Courtesy Makor Rishon 4.12.1998
The two Israelis arrived at Ayosh Intersection,
near Ramallah and Bet El.There, "peacefull" Palestinien demonstrators with rocks in hands had prepared an embush.
The Israeli Photographers were ready for the scoop.


Source: Arutz 7 -

A photograph of the attack appears on the front page of today's Ma'ariv, credited to Eyal Vershavsky of the Associated Press. Films of the ambush indicate that there were at least two photographers photographing the attack. Victim Yehuda Oliva told Arutz-7 today,

"My head was covered with blood... and I was sure that the photographer [who was filming me] would put his camera down and would offer me help or a ride out of there, or that he would hand me a handkerchief to wipe the blood... Instead, he distanced himself from me a meter or two, and continued to film me as I ran away from the scene... I began to realize that his desire to attain a 'scoop'... is more important to him than the most basic human values of assisting a person in danger."

Yediot Acharonot reporter Roni Shaked told Arutz-7 today that the Arabs now feel that merely throwing rocks is not enough:

"In order to achieve the proper effect, they need stones, and photographers, and pictures of an injured Jew. This is why they took the photographers with them. The photographers left the demonstration going on at the same time in downtown Ramallah, because they knew that the most they could hope for there was photos of the burning of Israeli and American flags. But they saw the rocks, and the big blocks, and the [Hamas-controlled] Bir Zeit University students, and knew that this would be a better opportunity for them."

Shaked said that the Arabs see this event, and pictures of the humiliation of soldiers, as an Arab victory: "They want the world to see these pictures. And the Arabs themselves are happy to see them. Despite the artificial attempts to plaster over the feelings of hate, they are not exactly lovers of Zion. Here we see exactly how deep is this hatred." Shaked said, "I don't say that the PA gave a specific order to perpetrate this attack, but it is clear that [Arafat's] Fatah wing is carrying out a campaign against the settlers in order to have the terrorists freed. They have said that this will be a day-in and day-out effort to this end."

STONES FLY - 3.12.1998 (Source: Arutz 7 -

Groups of Palestinian Arabs attacked Jews today in several incidents today. One Israeli is reported to be in moderate-to-serious condition after he and his colleagues were assaulted by masked Arabs on Jerusalem's Mt. of Olives this afternoon. The Magen David Adom ambulance which arrived to treat the attack victim was met with bricks and rocks.

In a separate incident on Alotani Rd. in eastern Jerusalem, two Border Guard policemen sustained light stone injuries from Arab rioters.

In yet another incident, two police sappers were injured by Arab stone-throwers on Salah A-din St, also in Jerusalem.

It was publicized today that Shlomit Shalev, an Israeli woman in pregnancy, was stoned by Arabs while driving her car in the Israeli town of Lod. "It happens all the time here," she told Arutz-7. She reported the incident to the local police.

Also today, an Israeli driver at A-Ram junction, north of Jerusalem, was injured in his back in a rock-throwing incident and taken by ambulance to Hadassah Hospital.

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