The Wojciech Orlinski Page

Welcome, o weary web surfer. When I started to play with making this page years ago, it was devoted mostly to the history of revolutions in various countries. Then I made an interview with Stanislaw Lem, and I was so proud that I have translated it to English and put it on this page. Soon it turned out that most visitors are Lem fans, and nobody wants to read all my blah blah blah on revolutions.

Then there came another pretty cool reason to visit this page: a sort of an interview with Peter Greenaway.

Alrite, you are probably here to read something on Lem. Go on, click on the Lem link. Hey, no kidding: do you really want to see the Wojciech Orlinski revolution page? Well, it's not a bad choice. I can guarantee you one thing: you won't get bored.

Oh yeah, and there is this tiny part with personal information on who am I, etc. Don't even bother reading it. 1