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(Jan -98) Our journey starts in Miami, Florida. Two from weeks from now you will be able to read in the diary about our adventures
in the U.S.. Florida is an interesting state in many ways. The subtropical climate, the many cubans, the white beaches, and as a home of many retired people makes it quite different from the rest of
the other states. Among other things we will explore Everglades( the biggest reservate in Florida), the hispanic areas in Miami and the capitol city, Tallahassee.


In the 60' ies Alabama was the melting pot for the civil rights
movement. The afro-american population were rejected from the higher positions of public service and colleges. We will try to get an
inside view of Alabama of today and take a look at things that has
changed since then.



An interesting state with a dark history. Once it was the nations fifth
wealthiest state. Then cotton and slavery was a dominant part of
society. Now it is one of the poorest states in the U.S.. But change is
under way, the state has taken up the competition
with the gambling industry in Nevada.




Home of the world famous city of New Orleans. Lots of interesting
jazz music. The state is also home for a bigger french spoken population, "the cajuns", that has adopted to an american variant of
french culture and folklore.



Here lives the great texan known in Sweden as Randy "ha sere,
ha sere, ha man" Haught. This man has been to Sweden twice .
He will show us how to socialize and behave the Texan way.
Lots of stuff can later be read in the diary about this visit.



What happened here ?. Read our diary.





What happened here ?. Read our diary.




What happened here ?. Read our diary.










What happened here ?. Read our diary.

Here we will visit my ancient relatives. Many swedes
went here during the 19th century.











The final destination of our trip to the U.S.

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