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(Updated July 25, 1999)

     This week the U.S. House of Representatives stood up to mounting pressure from the disenfranchised populace and bravely passed a tax cut of nearly $800 million that will greatly benefit those making over $300,000 a year.  "This is a great day for America," said Speaker Dennis Hastert (2nd from right). "This goes to show that no matter how much you make in this country, even as little as $250,000, your voice can still be heard."
     Supporters of the tax cut, made possible by the first government budget surplus in decades, claimed it was necessary because, "Hey, its found money! You can't use found money to pay the bills!".  So said Representative Bob Barr (R-GA) on his way to a meeting with GOP Presidential Candidate Steve Forbes.
     Critics (mainly bleeding hearts) of the bill hinted that, to ensure future surpluses and thus further pay off the national debt and solidify certain entitlement programs (Medicare, Medicaid, etc), the tax cut should not be so drastic.  This short-sighted argument was easily dismissed by the sage-like representatives.  "Fortunately for the people of this great land," retorted Rep. Tom Delay (R-TX), "the members of this august body did not bow down to the special interests of the poor, elderly, or even the all-powerful children's lobby.  We took a stand today, and someday the country clubs of this nation will thank us for it."

Click on the Washington Post to read about the proposal in full detail.

Click on CNN Interactive for more tax cut proposal info.

Gore Goes Up Notorious Creek...
     With a Paddle -
     Erstwhile tin woodsman and Vice-President Al Gore visited Cornish, New Hampshire July 22.  Campaigning for President, Gore urged all Americans to join together to protect the environment for future generations, especially the Connecticut River on which he canoed that day.
     Unbeknownst to the casual observer, though, disaster was averted thanks to quick thinking from the United States Secret Service.  Worried about a gaffe of Titanic proportions, the Secret Service, along with the Connecticut River Joint Commission, released approximately 4 billion gallons of water into the river to ensure his canoe would not run aground during the photo op.
     According to un-named sources, the Secret Service had reason to believe that "sand bar" extremists had engineered an elaborate system of underwater hazards designed to cause the Vice-President's canoe to sink.  Fortunately the raising of the river allowed the Tennessee Democrat to bob along unobstructed.
     There is no word on whether similar measures will be allowed in order to sustain the environmentally fragile fish population.

Click on the USA Today banner to read more about this adventure.

     This edition of Spivey's World is sponsored by Wamco's Backpackable Portable Goose Decoy Blind (BPGDB).  This little gem came in handy during the recent outdoors excursion on the Appalachian Trail.  Its light weight of 43 pounds combined with its easy 2 minute setup made it a worthwhile addition to my other essentials.
     A word of caution: do not pack this during the mating season for birds... or ANY animal, for that reason.  This was an oversight on our part, unfortunately, and in no way reflects upon the fine craftsmanship and reputation of Wamco or any of their multinational divisions.  In fact, if it were not for the hinged wings on the back of the duck, I fear that neither my safety nor my dignity would have survived the "ordeals" as they did.  (You would really be surprised at how aggressive the male geese are...)
     So take it from me, Wamco produces  the finest portable goose decoy blind currently on the market.  Pick up one or two today.  Mention you saw it here in Spivey's World and receive a free cyanide gel caplet!!!

Photographic Special!!
See pictures of the Queen and Princess of SW, Maggie and Anna. Click on the thumbnail to see the larger image.

Maggie protects her synthetic (but very dead) mouse.
Maggie surveys the back yard for evening intruders.
Anna relaxes at the breakfast room table.

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