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egreetings.com: Send greeting cards o'plenty.  Just take a minute to register first.  Great variety, from cool to cutesy, from modern to traditional.

TV Week From USA Today: Listings for all channels all week.  Put in your ZIP code, choose your cable provider, and off you go.  A good sortable database.

The Walker School:  My new school where I will work beginning Fall of 2000.  Gov. Barnes will have his work cut out for him trying to prevent ecuation here.  Speaker Murphy, on the other hand,....


Biography: The online site from the A & E network.

East Paulding High School: See the site for where I have worked for the past 5 years.  A parent created this, the school's first real web site.

Famous Last Words: Kinda' self explanatory.


The Dialect-izer:Translate any web page into a gross generalization of many cultural, ethnic, and just silly dialects.

Fametracker: A sarcastic, sardonic look at "talented" celebrities throughout all of the various entertainment industry.

Hissyfit: Like fametraker, only dealing with what little babies the stars can be.

Micro-Gerbil: From the makers of the "Fish in A Blender", here is gerbil in a blender. Sooooooo funny!

PythOnline:  The Monty Python empire has created this amusing, "silly" little diversion.  Make sure and send a friend, enemy, or yourself some abuse.

Red Meat:  One of the most peculiar comic strips I've ever seen.  You might have noticed that it is featured on "The Onion", so that should tell you what you're in for....

Test Junkie:  Feel the need to take stupid little personality tests and the like?  Knock yourself out, then.


The Constitution of the United States Here ya' go, y'all.  These are the rules. Of course, they go hand-in-hand with....

The Bill of Rights:    When you read them, make sure you start at the top.... In the words of the timeless classic "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" :

Learn 'em. Know 'em. Live 'em.

The Guerilla Pages: a left-leaning (politically) satirical masterpiece. If you lean to the right, stay away!  Also, check out the author's main page at Jeff Berry.

Representative James Traficant: OK, so he's from Ohio, and he's a bit of a loose cannon.  But I love the fact that he's blunt and to the point.  You MUST read his one minute speeches.  Take the time, because there are many of them. (For the uninitiated, Representatives are allowed to start the a Congressional day by talking about anything they want for 1 minute.  Traficant uses this privilege often....)

Project Vote Smart: Find out how your Senators and Representatives have been voting and (more importantly) where they're getting all that campaign money.

Scandals in D.C.: Ahhhhhhh.  Politics and scandals!  This site from the Washington Post looks at lots of 'em, including many that may have slipped by you.


DialPad.com:  Free long distance phone calls (yes... FREE) through the internet.  The quality isn't too great, and you must have a microphone on your computer.  But, and I cannot stress this enough, it is FREE!

Emeril Live with Chef Emeril Lagase: This guy makes cooking so cool!  BAM!

Greatest Films: Compare Compare this with my list... or yours if you can only think about yourself.

Guitar Online: has lots of "interpretations" of tablature of thousands of songs: rock, country, etc.

The Tackiest Places in America  Like it says, these are places sent in by concerned travelers.  Be afraid. Be very afraid


 Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The Onion: A news PARODY.  Absolutely some of the most hilarious stuff ever!  Beware, though: most is often "R-rated" (think a very intense "Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update")  and can be offensive if you are so inclined.  This site is so funny!

 USA Today: Actually, this is a pretty user friendly site.  Good at quick over views of  the news.  Still like Washington Post for depth, though.

The Weather Channel:

Washington Post: Use this to find out what is REALLY going on in politics and government.


Friends w/ Pages

n2hoops:Pal from Auburn who has a site.  Its sports (esp basketball), Auburn, and a good Steven King page.

Ponder's Planet: Buddy Dave's new homepage. Make sure you check out the odd links.

Sam's Shack Buddy from high school.  When writing him, please address him as either "King Sam" or "Your Royal Highness Who Smites Troglodytic Philistines With a Mere Brush of His Sceptre o' Death"
Steve's Place:  My roommate from college and co-conspiritor for practically every mischievous deed in which I have been involved.

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