About Us

The Resident Wookiee
Where I live: Obviously the planet Endor you fool. People think it's just a bunch of Ewoks there, but they're all wrong. Those little bastards are just a bunch of troublemakers. 
Hobbies: Well, maintaining this site takes up most of my time. Any free time left over is devoted to beating the crap out of Ewoks. 
Thought of the Day: What would taste better, Salacious Crumb or an Egg McMuffin? 
Favourite Saying: Waaaaaahh! 

The Evil Undead
Description:  Suave, debonaire and all around charmer.  Certainly the greatest ladies man this side of Shaft. His stength is matched only by the size of his heart  and- wait. That's Hercules. Sorry.  
Place of origin:  I come from....... Transylwania !! HA HA HA !! Actually, no. I'm  from Cleveland. Much scarier. More dangerous too.  Or was that Winnipeg ? I'm confused. 
Hobbies: Bloodsucking, lechery, fine dining and needlepoint.  Oh and lots of sleep. You see, the furry one does all the work around here. 
Random Thought: Wow, is it ever getting sunny out. Must be morning. I could really go for some hash browns and AAARRGH !!!! 
Favourite Saying: I never drink..... wine.  But that Orange crap from McDonald's is sure great. MMM MMM. Tastes like bloo- Never mind.