Let's face it: has there really ever been a worse marketing strategy than Hamburglar? I don't think so. How can a restaurant (I use this word loosely) that sells hamburgers promote a character that steals and robs hamburgers! That's ludicrous! Is this the message that McDonald's wishes to send to the youth of our countries? Our hamburgers are so good, they're worth stealing! McDonald's is clearly aiming to raise up a legion of kleptomaniacs.

What really makes this situation even more sad is that Hamburglar is dressed up in prison pinstripes. Whatever this means, it doesn't look very good. Here are the scenarios:
a) Hamburglar has just broken out of prison, and never bothered to change his clothes. Encouraging jail breaks does not sound like a good idea.
b) Hamburglar is constantly being sent back to prison, so he feels that it would be a waste of time to change his clothes, when he'll be back in the big house in a couple of days. Put it this way: the only thing worse than encouraging crime is encouraging repeat offenders.
c) Hamburglar never got caught by the police, but likes the pinstriped clothes. This doesn't seem like a very good idea either, besides, would you like to see your kids dressing like that?

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