ZSC Archive 1996

Here are a number of documents which proved useful in preparing for the First Intercontinental Encounter of 1996:

Our Resolution Presented to the 1996 Encuentro in Chiapas

Two Turin comrades Proposal Tabled at the 1996 Turin Encounter
Pino Caputo Account of the 1996 Turin Encounter
Harry Cleaver The Zapatistas and the Electronic Fabric of Struggle
Massimo De Angelis The Autonomy of the Economy and Globalization
Massimo De Angelis Contribution to the 1996 Encuentro in Chiapas
Irish Mexico Group Statement from Organising for Change conference
Will Kemp Report from Chiapas
Monty Neill Mexico: February 1995 -- Some Excerpts from a Political Diary
Con Wayne Wadsworth Power To The People through the "Party of Community Councils"