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August 1998
Topic Date Language


Free Abortions Offered to Rape Victims 08/30/98 English Strait Times
Chinese's Graves Looted 08/30/98 English Jakarta Post
HK Groups Decry Indonesian Official's Rape Denial 08/30/98 English Reuters
Indonesian police denied allegations of widespread rapes 08/30/98 English The Stars, Malaysia
On Sale, Jakarta's Rape Video Record 08/21/98 English Translated by mdx
Sally's Testimony 08/21/98 English Translated by mdx
Gangs of grave robbers desecrate Chinese tombs in Indonesia 08/20/98 English Jakarta Post
Some Indonesia Rape Photos on the Internet Are Frauds 08/20/98 English Asian Wall Street Journal
Chinese cemetary dug and robbed 08/19/98 English Kedaulatan Rakyat
Racial Statement from Ki Gendeng 08/19/98 English N/A
Centennial Olympic Park Rally Report 08/18/98 English ICHF
Past & Coming Activities in USA, Canada, NZ, and Finland 08/16/98 English Various resources
Beijing reminds Jakarta to act against rioters 08/16/98 English AFP, Reuters
Jawa Pos: Hujat Kekejian Dengan Cara Keji 08/10/98 Indonesia Jawa Pos
Fina's testimony. Rape victim in Solo. 08/10/98 English Gatra Magazine
Rape victim's testimony 08/09/98 English, German Translated by Mdx, Iwan
Jaksa Agung: Perkosaan di Jakarta Terlalu Dibesar-besarkan 08/09/98 Indonesia Jawa Pos, 08/08/1998
THE RAPES IN THE SERIES OF RIOTS: The Climax of an Uncivilized Act of the Nation Life 08/07/98 English Romo Sandyawan
A teach-in on the Indonesian crisis in San Francisco 08/03/98 English Xingguo Li
Anti-Christ in Bandung 08/03/98 English Renita


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