We, The Indiana Coalition to Honor Civil War Dead, have formed a society to preserve the grave sites and graves of Civil War veterans of the North and South.

These graves are located in various cemeteries throughout the State. There are graves marked "unknown" when the names of the dead are known. There are instances when we know the name of the soldier buried in a cemetery, but not in which grave.

For these "Fallen Heroes", we wish to place a community plaque or monument that future generations may know who is buried here and why.

It is our fervant desire to allow no American soldier to rest in an umarked grave if it can be avoided. We have pledged ourselves to this effort by forming this Society.

Members of our Coalition have already dedicated a beautiful monument to the 1,616 Confederate prisoners of war who died at Indianapolis during their captivity and are buried in a mass grave in Crown Hill Cemetery in that city.

The current objective is the Greenbush Cemetery Project, where names of both Union and Confederates are known but these American soldiers from North and South lie in graves marked "Unknown"!

We invite all patriotic Americans to join with us to preserve our heritage and history. Contact us for further information, or visit our home page for future developments.

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