the few who Own and Rule EXPOSED!
"Leaders of the business community ... have chosen to wage a one-sided
class war today in this country - a war against working people, the unemployed, the poor, the minorities, the very young and the very old. . ."
-- Douglas Fraser, UAW President, 1978
Money Makes the World Go Round "Money makes the world go round..."   
as the old song said.  
Do you know who really has it? 
How they keep it? 
What it really means to the rest of us? 

Read On...  You may find some surprises. 


FIRST: Lets get Oriented Properly.
Please be sure to read this first!

a Note of Appreciation from the Rich

Some Overviews


Those who own the majority of the world's resources
are well-organized nationally and internationally: 
World Trade Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund,
Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations,
Skull and Bones, CIA, etc.
War, peace, insecurity, and famine: they don't just "happen."
These pages expose some of the secretive activist groups
that are busily forging the New World Order of the super rich.
This is how it got the way it is. . .  
and how they mean to keep it their way. 
Private Clubs and Secret Societies: 
The small, hyper-rich cliques that constitute the international ruling class could never maintain their position and rule the world over if they were not well organized. These are a few of the very private and secretive activist groups in which they do their planning and "networking."   
Bill Clinton's connections ...
and his rise to power are quite instructive of how things work in the ruling class and the governments it controls: 

A World-Wide Conflict

Now that capitalism has reached to the furthest limits of the world, invading every last corner, it is no longer capable of displacing its problems from its most developed centers to new territories.  The system is rapidly becoming a pressure cooker with no release valve.  
This is the deep meaning of the "New World Order," and this is the real source of "privatizations," the worldwide attack on workers' living conditions, and the attacks on the social "safety net" around the world. The class war is getting hot. 
ILO Condemns Bosses'  Worldwide  Attacks 

NAFTA and GATT were the opening salvos in the current war on our living standards. 
Now there's: 


Many Tactics to Rule:

 They often resort to war and assassinations, but it is usually easier and more convenient -- and in all cases necessary -- to control the public mind.  
For those who still continue to struggle, there are many ways to mislead and to "divide and conquer." 
COINTELPRO: The Dirty Class War At Home 
Divide, Conquer, Discredit -- or if that fails: Jail and Kill Them! 
COINTELPRO was/is a series of repressive measures against popular struggles of workers and minorities for justice in the United States.  COINTELPRO is also typical of tactics used by rulers around the world.  These documents can teach a us a lot, no matter where we are. . . 


Controlling Labor ...
is crucial to profits and power.  
The collusion internationally of official union leaders' with CIA and corporate power, as reported below, has no doubt been repeated in domestic cooperation at home and by labor mis-leaders in other countries.  
We need to clean house: Ultimately, only grass-roots democratic power can ensure that our organizations work for us. Check out these amazing true stories: 
More Detail
The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush
 One of the great secretive Dark Forces in contemporary history is multi-millionaire, financier, oilman, and  former President and CIA Director:
George Herbert Walker Bush 

A long family history linked with the Nazis,  
part of the CIA since the early 60's,  
hidden agendas, the man who publicly announced 
the "New World Order,"  
this external link takes you to the suppressed full-length book by Tarpley and Chaitkin.  
Click the book cover or click below for:  
 The Unauthorized Biography  
of George Bush  

Bush Blesses Sun Myung Moon! 
Lots more on Bush from Chip Tatum: here


Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones - a capsule history and an intimate peek at one section of the US Ruling Class. Know your class enemy:  
This secretive and very private club, based at Yale University, is one of the special gardens from which the CIA, media control, and ruling class stratagems grow.  
This is one of the places where it's all tied together.  
George Bush is a member, as are Senator John Kerry, the late Henry Luce, William F. Buckley, Senator David Boren, Justice Potter Stewart,  
and . . .
-The CIA -
-Gloria Steinem -
-and the Press-
When you pull a thread the fabric unravels.  The thread here is Gloria Steinem, and once pulled it is the fabric of connections between Steinem, the Washington Post, the CIA, and other plots of the rich and not-so-famous that comes apart: 
Misleading the women's movement,  
dividing the opposition,  
taking over the media,  
assassinations and war are all a part of the story.  
This is a crucial inside look at how the ruling class keeps its power.
external links 

Interviews with  
Gene "Chip" Tatum 

8 Steps to a $4 Billion Profit 
Could you get away with this? 
Did George Bush? 

"After returning to Ft. Campbell on Friday, I called Director Colby and told him of the delivery and my discovery. I told him that when I opened the cooler, which was ultimately taken by Governor Clinton, it contained several kilos of an off-white powdery substance and lots of money:" 
The Tatum Chronicles 
(external link)  
Gene Chip Tatum's own Site: 
. . . BlackOps Reporter

Gene Tatum:  
whistleblower of the century! 

Tatum was trained in government-sponsored coercion and murder, working in an elite Black Ops unit codenamed "Pegasus" under direct orders from William Colby, Ollie North, and George Bush. 

He reveals a lot in these explosive documents about  how government really works and who really runs it, with lots of details on:  

CIA and Contra Coke connections, 
the roles of George Bush, Ollie North, Bill Clinton, 
and many other top bananas internationally 
in business
and in government, including 
George Bush's plans for a "New World Order." 
All working people should realize that these are the kind of people we are up against, 
the real maintainers of the profit system!
They will stop at nothing for power and profit.
Webmasters: Mirror these files/sites!
They can, and do, disappear. . .
CIA Complicity
In the Global Drug Trade
Interview with Alfred McCoy 
Lots of dope on the drug trade from 
Gene "Chip" Tatum
A Very complete site: 
Cocaine Importing Agency 
The CIA and Drugs?? 
You bet! And it didn't start with the Contras and George Bush's Vice Presidential Office.  No.  
It's a very long history, as long as the CIA is old.  
If you want to know more about how the "Secret Government" pays for its dirty work and more on the depths of government and ruling class hypocrisy, read this revealing interview with  
Professor Alfred McCoy, author of the landmark book on the subject: 
The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade 
Then order and read the book!
The CIA and the bosses' media:
The Mighty Wurlitzer 
by Daniel Brandt 
The bosses' media reflects and promotes their interests, and the CIA has been very busy helping them.  
You may be surprised by some of the names involved.  
"And now for the news . . . 
brought to you by the CIA." 
"The conspiracy to kill Martin Luther King went to the highest levels of the American government."  
Interview with Dr. W. Pepper 

The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: An Overview 
(external link to Parascope) 

Lots of info on FBI mayhem and murders 
- like the murder of Fred Hampton - 
and frameups in these articles:  

external link to a major source 

Tatum gives info on assassinations 
Gene "Chip" Tatum 

more coming soon

JFK, RFK, MLK, Che Guevara, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton and lots of other Black Panthers, Salvador Allende, Patrice Lumumba, attempts on Castro, Danny Casallero, Vince Foster and dozens around Bill Clinton, the known and unknown -- union organizers, journalists, patriots and anarchists, whistle-blowers, starved unemployed and under-employed and the homeless millions driven by starvation into city slums to work cheap or die, millions in wars for profits and power for the few, wars that are supported by lies and only made possible by ignorance and state coercion --  
Death, wholesale and retail, singly and en masse, is a tool that the few easily resort to when it supports their power and profits.  
Their corporate media have popularized a new fascination with serial killers, but death -- serially or singly -- is a ruling class specialty, and they never go to jail for it, especially if they've murdered millions. 
These links expose just a few of the key murders that have served to support the rulers of today's New World Order.
I Was a Gangster for Capitalism 
- The Military Life -  
General Smedley Butler 
Here's a general who decided to cut the crap and tell it the way it is! A rare event -- and a wonderful quote.
Corporate Warfare/Welfare: 
NATO's New Arms Bazaar
U.S. military contractors and diplomats
are hawking their wares together. 

Privatizing War
How affairs of state are outsourced
to corporations beyond public control. 
The Business of War
And Guess Who Pays. . . 

"Independent analysts put the price of expanding NATO . . .  in the $15 billion to $120 billion range. . .  Most of the cost will have to come from NATO's current members; about a quarter of the cost will be paid by Americans. 
-- Article by Bill Mesler in The Nation 

"Privatization, the process by which the responsibilities of government are transferred to unaccountable corporate hands, now occupies the halls of warmaking."  
-- Article by Ken Silverstein in The Nation

Philanthropists at War
by Daniel Brandt 
What happened to the opposition ...  
to the struggle for justice, peace, solidarity, and a better life for the rest of us?  
It was BALKANIZED: fractionalized, demoralized!  
Read here a part of the story of how it happened and who was behind it. (You can also read how Gloria Steinem with the CIA worked to mislead and split the movement.) 

"More than fifty years ago [circa 1914] the Morgan firm decided to infiltrate the Left-wing political movements in the United States. This was relatively easy to do ..." 
"But the elites had a grander strategy: balkanizing the forces behind the antiwar movement . . . By the late 1970s, a politically-correct melange of minority and gender politics had supplanted [ the older and more dangerous unified struggles]." 

Executive PayWatch If you work for Gannett  (you know -- the union-busters behind the Detroit Newspaper Strike. . .),  
and if you were to make $30,000 per year, you would have to work 144 years to equal Gannett CEO John Curley's 1996 compensation. You better get working, because you can't take a vacation until 2141 A.D. 

Get the dope on extravagant CEO compensation while our real wages are dropping and they're trying to bust our unions. Click the graphic or click here: Executive PayWatch is from the AFL-CIO.

Financial Scandals
a good overall source
BCCI: The Bank of Crooks and Criminals (including the CIA)
and more on the way. . .
Financial Scandals
- catching them at what they do best -

Now here's another interesting way to examine the international ruling class. Banks, financiers, corporate bosses, politicians, the mafias, "secret government" agencies like the CIA, they are all mixed up in it. And when the scandals break, we often find ourselves with a magnifying glass focused on the way it really is: who's who, who's doing what, and what their real relationships are. 

Take a closer look. These links can also help the serious researchers out there.

Networking With Spooks
by John Dillon
From CAQ
Internet Glitch Reveals System's Pervasiveness, Vulnerability
and NSI's central power ofer the Net
from the NYT
Do Spooks Control the Net?

"In May 1993, the National Science Foundation privatized the [internet] name registry [to] Network Solutions (NSI). . .  A few months earlier, [NSI] had been bought out by Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC). This privately held company with 20,000 employees and 450 offices around the globe has close ties to the Defense Department and intelligence agencies. Its current board of directors includes former National Security Agency chief Bobby Inman, former Defense Secretary Melvin Laird, and the former head of research and development for the Pentagon, Donald Hicks.  Ex-CIA Director Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense William Perry, and CIA Director John Deutch have been past members. Eighty-three percent of the company's $2 billion annual revenue comes from government contracts, including defense, intelligence, and law enforcement contracts." 
-- from Networking With Spooks by John Dillon

The Crypto Battle IS ON!
get the latest news here 
The Center for Democracy and Technology
The Internet "Free Press" is profoundly democratic. That's something new and it can be very frightening to some of the Bosses and their political hirelings. It's no surprise that they want to curtail it.  
These links deal with freedom of speech and privacy on the Net and the struggle to defend it. They also have profound implications for all freedom of expression and our freedoms in general. 
Check out these links.  
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