The Roman Empire and its Provinces 


by Philippe Bondurand
   Red is commonly associated with Rome, and the Eagle was a common Roman symbol. The 'SPQR' stands for 'Senatus PopulusQue Romanus', or 'The Senate and People of Rome'.

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by Thomas Robinson

   According to Roman ledgend, the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, were abandoned on the river Tiber and left to die, but a wolf found them and nurtured them, and when they became adults they founded Rome on the site.

Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire)


Aegyptus (Roman Egypt)

by Johannes Weigand

   The symbol in the canton represents Rome. The black symbol is a Scarab, important to the sun god Ra, and the red symbol beneath it is the symbol of Egyptian goddess Isis.

Britannia (Roman Britain)

by Thomas Robinson, based on Aegyptus

   The symbolism of Rome is the same as in Aegyptus, but the 'SPQR' letters are absent, as Rome was an empire rather than a republic when it conquored Britain. In the oval is Hadrian's Wall, built across the northern frontieer of the province to guard against attacks by the Caledonian tribes.

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