Police questioning of Anwar lawyers

October 6, 1998

The Bar Council confirms that it has sent an official letter of concern to the Inspector General of Police and also called for a dialogue following complaints it has received from several lawyers of being called up by the Police to Bukit Aman to give statements under the Criminal Procedure Code in criminal cases they are presently handling. A number of lawyers acting in the series of criminal cases involving the former Deputy Prime Minister and related persons have been called by the Police to give statements.

The Bar Council is concerned that there should be no disregard of the right of lawyers to practice their profession without prejudice.

It is the fundamental right of the legal profession to practice freely and without interference. The Bar Council views the complaints with concern and will take all the appropriate steps to defend the rights of lawyers to carry out their profession without let or hindrance.

Dated: 6 October 1998

Dr. Cyrus V Das, President, Malaysian Bar

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