The Anwar Trial

Wednesday December 23rd


Extracts of the six-page transcript of the taped conversation between Ummi Hafilda Ali and Dato' Sng Chee Hwa, that was put to her by one of Anwar's defence counsels Gurbachan Singh on Wednesday December 23rd. Ummi left for London with Dato Sng, a Sarawak MP and businessman, in June 1998.

Taped conversation in Dato Sng's flat (excerpts):

"He, Daim and Ku Li...they cannot deny it. But I hate your brother (Anwar Ibrahim) to become the leader. I cannot accept it. No way.”

"Then the writer. I don't know who paid the writer ... you know ... the actual amount. But I know one million. But I don't know whether from Tun or they shared.”

"They are bloody rich. His (Tengku Adnan's) house also ada lift, escalators. You know, inside the house - 5 tingkat. Dekat Bt. Ledah.”

"Dato, you're very close to me, I said. I don't want Anwar Ibrahim to be our future leader. He said.”

“No way, he said. I promised to myself. I promised to PM, this is my responsibility to kill his career. I know how to make things happen. These people got money, Dato, ya. They don't care.”

"In front of Anwar, they will also laugh. He said to me that he will kill this man. That is my duty.”

"I got it 30 minutes ago from PM's department. From this man, saying that, congratulations, Khalid. You've done a great job. Go ahead. Waiting for the moment. The eyes will see in court. Drag everybody in court. When the whole thing explodes, the whole nation will know who is Anwar Ibrahim. That is their intention. They are macam tebuan lah. 1 cakap ya, macam tu. Pow then. Cover, cover, everything PM will cover. Cover and then close the case, kan?”

"This time PM said, let's fight in court lah, let the nation know everything lah. So, PM said to Khalid, congratulations and they asked another 40 copies to be sent to PM's office.”

“Habislah, mati dia, Anwar kan? Of course lah. PM asked them to call lah, you know. If not Khalid dare not lah Dato’. He is at home. Now. Laughing all the while. I said, Abang Khlaid, how is it? Oh, in fact, Anwar takut dengan I. I tak takut. I am waiting at home, he said. That’s why he cancelled the trip to ....... That shows he already got the assurance from the PM, you know. That no one will touch him.”

“I don’t want to get involved further. But as what I cakap yesterday, which is true, to protect myself. That’s all, you know. And to protect myself and to benefit what I can get from these people who promised me. Ya, I’m going to proceed. Just to collect. How to collect, that’s all.."

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