Quick and Easy Approaches to
Field Dressing and Skinning Squirrels

Quick Methods to Proper Field Dressing and Skinning Squirrels

I'm told that with practice, either of these methods take under one minute to perform, and work best on a warm squirrel.

Method 1 : Skinning

  1. Make a slice right under the tail, and cut in a "v" going forward, extending these cuts slightly onto the hip.
  2. Break through the tail bone, and make sure all meat isn't "connected" to the skin.
  3. Step on the tail and grab the squirrel by the back legs. Pull on those legs hard. Skin will tear and leave another "v" on the belly. With this step, you will get all of the skin off of the front legs, back, chest, and head. Pull until the skin is all the way off.
  4. Go to the little "point" on the belly where the skin is attached, and pull that towards the rear to get the skin off of the belly and hind legs.
  5. Gut the squirrel out.

Method 2 : Skinning

  1. With a pair of game shears, cut off the head, tail, and feet.
  2. Grab the skin on the middle of the back, and make a cut big enough to slip your fingers into.
  3. Insert fingers into cut with both hands, and just pull in opposite directions, and "ZIP" the skin right off.

I hope this write-up proves useful to you. Good hunting from the Spirit of '76 Hunting Page!!

Last updated : 30 September 1999