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Tired of waiting for someone else to bring liberty in our lifetime?

Liberty Activists who still believe that electoral politics are a viable option may find a home in the Libertarian Party, though, in recent years, some state (and some say National) LPs have drifted away from the goals of libertarianism and appear more interested in "mainstreaming" and political trickery than in promoting liberty. (For an example of what can happen in a state LP, see Party of Principle No More?)

The Liberty Activists site is dedicated to the premise that each of us, either acting as an individual or in concert with others, can (and should) take action on a regular basis to "educate, agitate, and organize" for liberty in our lifetime. Tips, strategies and techniques designed to help Liberty Activists identify or create local liberty issues, publicize issues, and organize around the issues using "classic organizing techniques". Just because you may have given up on the LP or on politics in general, we urge you to NOT give up the battle for liberty in our lifetime!

"The Liberty Activist site is a much-needed tool kit for libertarian activists. Here you will find ideas, information, and friends".
Harry Browne, Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate 1996, & 2000, author of Why Government Doesn't Work

Liberty Activists: An excellent site for those still working within the system
Claire Wolfe, author of "101 Things to Do Til the Revolution"; "I am Not a Number" and Don't Shoot the Bastards (Yet)

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~Reports and "war stories" from Liberty Activists around the country: Auction Action, Patriots Day, Tax Freedom Day, New County Movement, 10 Ways to Hassle the IRS & more!

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The Gulchers Guide

Action of The Month ~ A DIFFERENT Action for each each month! Activities, sample press releases, flyers etc. for the busy Liberty Activist.

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