Who killed Yitzchak Rabin

The Victim

The Murdurer

The Camera

The Secret agent

The Report

The Evacuation

The Weapon

The Shots

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At the night of the 4 of November 1995 three shots were fired at the town square of Tel Aviv. The target was the P.M. of Israel - Yitzchak Rabin. Half an hour later the spokesman of the government announced his death at the doorstep of Eichilov hospital.
Almost a year and a half later, many question remain unanswered. This page will attempt to bring these question to the eye of public discussion. The main purpose of this page is to get all information that might help solve the biggest mystery since the death of J.F.K. Don't be shy, if you know anything new or have a good theory, e-mail it to us.
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Some of the main facts :

Dot. The Victim
P.M. Ytzchak Rabin, the leader of the labor party. Was 73 at the time he was killed. Rabin was the Chief of Staff at the Israeli IDF and the ambassador in Washington.
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Dot. The Murdurer
Yigal Amir, 26. Was a right wing activist. Studied at a yeshiva and served in the army as a soldier in the "Golani" unit. Amir was rejected from the service of a governmental agency (whose name we are not allowed to publish) but was allowed to posses a gun with the required license.
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Dot. The Camera
A month after the murder a man came out with a film he shot with a video camera at the night of the murder. In the film, the moment of the murder is clearly shown. The photographer stood on a balcony across the street and shot the scene of the VIP exit for more than half an hour, focusing on the murderer. The film was taken from a spot the secret services were supposed to clear for a long period with no interruption. The photographer was not a professional and got the camera especially for that evening. The camera didn't focus on the VIPs but kept the murderer in the frame the whole time.
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Dot. The Secret agent
The killers best friend and accomplice at the planning of the murder was a secret agent planted in the rows of the extreme right wing in Israel. His mane was Avishay Raviv and his operational code name was Champagne. He was widely known in the circles of the right wing extremists but the government kept him as a secret until he was exposed by the press. Raviv was a close friend of the murderer and he took part in planning the assassination.
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Dot. The Report
Few month before the assassination, a student who was politically active with the murderer in the university campus decided to contact the police because the murderer was talking seriously about killing PM Rabin. The student's boyfriend reported an alleged conversation overheard and gave a full description of Amir. The police called him for another interrogation but no actions were taken against the murderer.
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Dot. The Evacuation
After P.M. Rabin was shot he was rushed into his car and driven away. A quarter of an hour later he arrived to the hospital. The hospital is only five minutes WALK away from the square. Where did the driver go before going to the hospital?
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Dot. The Weapon
In his testimony, the murderer was cooperative and all the details he gave to the police were found correct down to the last. One thing thug came out odd. The murderer said that he loaded his gun with only 10 bullets. After three shots, seven rounds should have remained in the gun. The ballistics that examined the gun found nine bullets in the magazine which means that it was loaded with dozen bullets. Why would the murderer lie to the police abut that?
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Dot. The Shots
Few testimonies at the investigation comity mentioned that one of the people at the murder scene shouted loudly that the bullets are blanks at the time of the shooting. The murderer testified that he heard one of the security men shouting. The Israeli press did not mention this fact in its reports.
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Dot. Questions Summary
Why was the killer allowed to carry a gun?
What did the Israeli secret services (Shin Beit) know about the killer?
Why didn't the police investigate into the tip they got about Amir?
What did the Shin Beit do with the material their agent Raviv gave them?
Where did the PMs car go before going to the hospital?
How did the photographer know what and where to film?
Why was the photographer allowed to stay where he was?
Why didn't anyone move Amir away from the safe zone?
Where did the missing bullets go?
Who shouted that the bullets were blank and why?
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The Book

If you can read Hebrew, use this link to get to a book that answers these questions and many more.

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