Missiles, Bombs, and the Canadian Flag

Missiles, Bombs, and the Canadian Flag
One of these things is not like the other....or is it?

It appears that the Canadian flag has become a weapon of sorts, perhaps the greatest threat to the separatist movement. Militants no longer carry rifles, and extremists no longer spread propaganda. Rather, they wave the Maple Leaf and sing Oh Canada.

A recent ruling by the House Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons proves just that. The Canadian Flag has been banned from being displayed on the desks of our MPs for its disruptive nature. Lets forget that this is the CANADIAN House of Commons, and that all MPs, by law, are Canadian citizens. Itís just plain wrong.

The dispute began when a separatist MP complained that too many Canadian flags were displayed in the Canadian pavilion of the Olympic Village during the recent Nagano games in Japan. I suppose it didnít matter much that these were Canadian athletes, proud of their 15 medals and other Olympic achievements, competing in an international competition under our flag. Apparently, our Maple Leaf intimidated Canadian athletes from Quebec, who were, incidentally, being sponsored by Canadians. Perhaps we should have humiliated ourselves in front of the world and displayed the Fleurs-de-lis, the provincial Quebec flag, to appease them. Oh wait! This was an international competition and Quebec is not a country.

So Reform MPs didnít need to be too bright to recognize the absurdity of the situation. But perhaps they too quickly took advantage of the idiocy of the Bloc Quebecois by displaying miniature flags on their desk tops while singing our anthem to drown out the BQ memberís absurd (if not treasonistic) remarks.

This so-called threat to Quebecers prompted the BQ to request that all Canadian flags be banned for use by other MPs, as props which is clearly banned according House rules.

But is the Canadian flag a prop? Is it a disruption to House proceedings?

Not unless separatists, threatened by anything Canadian, see it as such. And unfortunately, as they continue to destroy our country bit by bit, the Canadian flag is propagated as a weapon rather than a symbol of our patriotism, love and devotion for this great country.

It makes one wonder how long until Canada becomes a foul word.

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