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Police Get Away with Coldblooded Murder - Again

It's depressing to realize that police in America are totally above the law, and apparently have been given a license to kill anyone they please, including unarmed innocent people. This is the ultimate abuse of power. It is clear now that only drastic citizen action can save us from flagrant police abuse. But what to do? You must decide for yourself. Just remember, you may well be the next victim.

I know I need to update this stuff. Things have gotten so depressing in the world, though, that it's hard to report: Police and government abuse have become commonplace in America, and nobody seems to care (except the victims). Americans seem to take the attitude that everyone, including the unarmed innocent souls who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, somehow deserves whatever horrible thing the police do to them. It's sick. America has become sick.

I can only attribute the above to fear, plus the worst education system in the developed world. People are just too ignorant to realize the implications of what is happening: Fascism is on the rise, hidden behind the focus group-tested name, "conservatism." But don't let them fool you on that one, people, if you knew your history you'd see immediately that this is plain old fascism with a new name. And we're all going to pay dearly for it.






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In this age of mega-corporate media, you need to verify everything you are told via overseas resources. You might be surprised at what you learn.

*A person or entity (such as a corporation) commits abuse of power when he/she/it uses public trust, public money, public property or market leverage to act in any way which is contrary to the interests of the general public of the United States, so that said citizens are harmed, or put at political or economic disadvantage.


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If you are still reading this, you are too obsessed. Or... perhaps you're just tired of government corruption, politicians selling themselves to big business, the dirty tricks of media giants - gobbling up one another along with the public's airwaves, etc. These aren't just conspiracy theories, this is real life in America today: We live under a new CORPORATE communism, and we're the whistle blowers.
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