" - Don't be afraid of your enemy; -at worst he can murder you;
- don't be afraid of a traitor, -he only can sell you to the enemy.
- be afraid of indifferent people, -because they causes
a world wars and a dishonesty in the world.."
Bruno Jasinsky

Social violence in Israel. Cases.

-It is Human Right defending ! -Abuse of Russian immigrant 1972..Why?
Read my Proposals- for securing Civil Rights in Israel.

-Please Encourage me against the Israeeli Anti-Semitic oligarchy!


- My name is
>Boris Dobrovensky.
In Russian
Call 9724
the LAW
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-I'm accusing..
Israeli oligarchy!

-I'm Israeli citizen
from June 19722,
after repatriation from
USSR, -during 25 years
I suffer -as a victim
of tyranny, hate,
ethnic intolerance,
hooligan behavior,
because of injustice,
conspiracy and
a Culture of lie.

-The Victims are testifies and accusess ! ...... S.O.S.!!

-Author of this protest is a veteran 11971 Th Zionist's
USSR Jew's struggle for free repatriation in Israel.

The second victim was My mother
Rendering a virtue for villain is so dangerous as causing malice against a honest man. ( by antic writer: Tit Maczyus Plavt )

    The description of my page:

  • Cases of society injustice caused me and other;
  • Discuss a fragments of Israeli judiciary,
  • -The reality of malpractice in public medicine;
  • -About depriving the patient's rights in Israel;
  • -About right a deceased family for inquest;

    Critic the Israeli judiciary connceptions

  • ...The fake due process of law as allegedly
  • -The verdict as tools of social violence..
    and much more...Cases... Proofs...Cases.

  • -The pseudo-theory "judicial activity" exploits
    as a Trojan Hours of Conspiracy and Hegemony.
    What is permissible for -Jupiter
    -that forbidden for ox.

I am seeking for Attorney's help! Click here!

-I would share and give up at least 700% of a prospected
to the lawyer, who would take a contingent case.

My cases involves:
The cases of damage caused me,
partly described here !

-I need treatment from old heavy
metal poison(that harm my health!

I am considering a petition to the
International Court for Justice -against
tendentious judgment and a lawless
preventing acquire of my petition.

Lets restrain our bureaucratic machine !

Please, encourage me!

  • I ask to demand compensation
    because damaging me by
  • Medical Malpractice due to
    Heavy Metal poison,
    caused me invalidity.

  • Prevention of treatment
    as caused me invalidity!

  • For Head's injury damage;
  • Unjust trials caused tort act.

  • -Submitting a petition in Supreme
    Court for -nullify a wrong verdict
    -as hurt the Law and Civil Rights.

The Court as partner in abuse of Loyal Citizens.

The Topics:
  1. Why is there intolerance in the Israeli community?
  2. - The legend about the Israeli Constitution ?

  3. Sir Prime Minister ! -Where the CONSCIENCE?!
  4. They named the traitor as Post-Zionism.
  5. Lets restrain our bureaucratic machine!
  6. We need Establishing the public control.
  7. The "JUDICIAL ACTIVITY" -as Israeli Eyewash
  8. The Stripping in court.. -Cases
    The personal witness!
  9. A proposal to amend the judicial procedure.
  10. -My immigration story. Abuse in Israel ! -Why?
  11. -A classified page for Medical and Law Experts!
  12. -Instead of Biography, -Reminders.
    It was for long ago...The life passed.
  13. How was my mother killed in a public hospital ! -Why!?
  14. -The evidences of murder. -Only for Exxperts !
  15. What is wrong in the Israeli judiciary system and why?
  16. " Judicial activity" as a Trojan Hours of Conspiracy,
    Intolerance, Injustice and Hegemony of Corrupt people..
  17. -They warns us: -it could cause destroy of court,
    -him the critic of judgment will contiinue!
  18. -Do the king was die?! -As viva the king!
    -No worries. At worst the honesty crittic only could cause
    a change the wrong judiciary system by more advance
    System and bring new, honest men in our court.
  19. Our Human Rights "defender" Scharansky, -is it a joke!
  20. Culture of lie by evidences. (in preparing)
  21. The boomerangs' Law. It's no mystic.
  22. This page in Russian language !
  23. We need Establishing the public control !
  24. -A Good Citizen, You are wellcome to eestablish
    Human Rights Defending Organization !
    The struggle for given Constitution !
  25. Seeking legal help from an attorney !
  26. "Dakar".. The mystery disappearance of Israeli submarine.
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The Boomerang's Law: -THE BOOMERANG COMES BACK!!.

"-as you sow, you shall mow!"
-learns the popular wisdom.
-We should comment the wisdom:
-As you abuse the people, -you
shall mow the social violence!

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-The message consist a public affair:<
-There is written about abuse the citiizen; how our oligarchy organized mutual security that caused us helpless in defending our human rights and dignity; -You will see the evidences proves thaat the offenders secured by the mutual guarantee with administration; and you could see the speculation or imposition by the ethnic intolerance, and using the power of police and the power of court and the media misinformation.
-There are reading about an organized abuse, -cruel violent acts against a loyal ciitizens.
-Please helps me discuss the public afffair! -No one could not resist against violeence and deception that secured by the combine of a plot, arbitrariness with mutual security of the rule! -Please Encourage me!

-It is Human Right defending !
-The abuse, the health damage, I tell about,
-caused without any little reason !
-Please Encourage me!

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I am a victim of the social violence that has been growing in our country on the ground rampage of an corrupted egoistic groups and ethnic intolerance. -I was injured physically and mentallyy up to 100% invalidity in circumstances that will be explain, -but I could not defend for myself beccause of existing an established -conspire bail. I doesn't got the right diagnostic and a treatment and was abused because unjust acts, but instead to got a honesty judgment I was abused in the court. We lives in an corrupted society, there rampaging any corrupted groups that does conspire bail, as they masking the occurred wrong social relation by invention and exploit an showing of democracy institutes, as if they grounds on artificial falsified democracy principle, that in the real works as antithesis to democracy. So, instead of democratic social harmony, we suffered from corruption and social turmoil, as abuse human rights and the destiny, . Look! -A group of lawyers wish persuade the public as if we have the High Court for Justice as only in the world -open before each citizen for using as tools for defending the rights of a weak citizen against the government's arbitrariness and rampage. -Unique in the world!! -I wish warn the people from eyewash: - because in the real (!) this men closed the doors of High Court( with the nice name "Justice" ) extremely before a weak groups people as I am; -they gave not me even to advent before their -honor judges! -Then I feel as the court uses as a faactor of conspiracy and injustice in my country. -This hypocrisy will be -unmasking here.

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"-As you sow, you shall mow!"

The wretched coalition against "Russian Jews"

-First, about a special kind of injusttice turned
against the jewish immigrants from Russia.

-In the show of wretched coalition agaainst "Russian
 Jews" -I stress, that there has not were an unique 
 case, when the offender has been punished by court.

-The offenders always were acquitted,  even though
they were caught getting bribed with money or sex;
-there were cases which finished with  tragedy.
-Always there was found a judge that aacquitted these offenders. -There were cases of committing suicide because discrimination and abuse.
Encouraging the offenders
causes public instability

"-as you sow, you shall mow!"

-There is many cases of abuse and viollations
in many nuances towards weak citizen groups, caused
by collaboration of bureaucracy machine with the 
judiciary, regarding the mutual conspire in Israel.

-I am sure that wrong behavior and abssent honesty into
our leadership, causing a main influence for increase 
the society intolerance, violence and the turmoil.

-Look, my old mother has been killed bby several learned
doctors in public hospital, but all our rulers with our
police with the judiciary system instead to inquest the
murder, as ordering the law, they are secured the -killers
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-Sometimes the social violence hurts tthe self offenders
as a boomerang's blow, they throw against others.

-As the event has caused, as they go tto
nominate a governmental commission for inquest:
-Does who could be charged, sent the bblack color's
letters to the members of exclusively club?!
-Hoogh! -"The sacramental simplicity" !(?!)
- The boomerang comes back !

-Remember the wisdom!?
"-As you sow, You shall mow!"...
-It is Human Right defending

I am -Seeking for Attorney's help! (Click here!)

- I wish to publicize the witness of cconspire and
arbitrariness in our court and leadership.
- Of course, as this cases would discuussing, as for
the public will be convince who and why resists for
critic the wrong sites of a "judicial activism" "concept"
and why they resist for advance changes in our court.

Of course the evidences would convince the people 
that we must a basically changes in community and
judiciary systems in order to improve a better 
society, with healthier social relations.

To Topics of the Message
"The law..should surely be accessible at all times and to everyone."
- Franz Kafka


-The Alternative Israeli Judiciary system:
( Compatible with Israeli Human Rights Law
that used as basis of social justice )
    The method of the judiciary:
  1. There to be a trial by a jury;

    Judges nomination.

  2. All judges to be elected every 5 years by citizens
    of the court's area, where the judge will working

    • Each candidate for be judge will testing by
      psychologist and by detector machine.

    • The psychological examination for each judge
      will return each 5 years.

    • The psychologist's commission will be independence.

    • The working judge may work the next period if he
      will be elected with majority as candidate.

    The Supreme Court Chief nomination

  3. The vacancy of the Supreme Court chief be filled by an
    elected judge nominated for a period of three years.
    The Supreme Court Chief nomination
    • The vacancy of the Supreme Court chief be filled by
      an elected judge nominated for a period of three years;
    • There may be two or three candidates for this
      vacancy, ( under parliament's decision ).
    • The Israeli President and a special commission of
      Knesset (Parliament) Members will have the right
      for recommending the candidates for this vacancy.
    • The right of VETO is saved for the Israeli President.
    • The Candidate for the presidency of Supreme Court
      will got the authority just after his election from
      by quorum of ıno less thanı 90 ıparliamentarian members.

    Management of a trial.
  4. The judgement must be made in accordance with the law;
    All the rights of the litigant must be carefully watched over.

    -Recordings of the proceedings
  5. The proceedings of the trial will be recorded by an
    independent body using a modern recording or
    video system that will writing all what reading and
    occurred in the court's session as it were.

    The decisions of the court.
  6. Each court decision must contain a transcript of the
    law and all the evidence used or displayed in the trial.
  7. The court decision will be given to all litigants just
    after the end of court session and in their presence.

    The judge's responsibility; complains.

  8. The complaints against judges should be reviewed
    by an independent entity. The complainant will be
    required giving a testimony. -The relevant facts
    of the complaint will be a part of controllers
    discussion and conclusion of judge's behavior.

  9. For any act of violating a trial process, the judge
    will be punished according to the law and removed.

  10. A judge who commits a crime will be removed.

  11. Any individual who has or has had a part in
    any criminal act or in a dishonesty act,
    -is disqualified from being a judge.

    The parliament's authority discuss verdicts
  12. -There is parliament's authority to discuss
    any complaint against a verdict, which is claimed
    to contradict the law or harm the Human Rights or
    Dignity of a litigants.

  13. -The parliament should discuss and decide upon
    verdicts in cases as explained above, -in a session
    by quorum no less than 80 parliament's members.
    -If the verdict is found wrong, a majority of 70%
    of the present members will suffice to abolish it.

  14. -As the verdict is annulled by parliament (Knesset),
    it is forbidden for using by the court; the trial file
    concerning the defected verdict can be re-discussed.

Let's POLEMIC the Judiciary

About the courts' independence

In the Israeli judiciary given does not honesty
interpret about of the court's independence.

The court's independence is a relative notion, it
minds that nobody could not to ordering, interfere
or influence on the judge to prevent from given a 
honesty, lawful judgment. The court's independence
mind that nobody may not to intervene in judgment.

But the court independence doesn't mind, that a
judge could does activism in negation to law, as 
causing a rampage, arbitrariness, or to judge in
way that opposed to the law, or do the judgment 
without given liability for his work, or to be
free from the parliamentarian or public's control.

Vice versa, if a judgment was made contrary to
norms or law, from this point the independence 
finished and instead of the given immunity the
judge and his judgment turn be open for public
critic and for revision by parliament and for
government and public institutes, that must to
secure democratic and human rights Principe.

The court's independence doesn't mind as the
court could turn be a country into the country.
There not exist notion rule of court, as say
some Israeli lawyers, but the court have to 
ordering correct to the law, by the law.

(It is more absurdity to read about given courts
independence from parliament in "democracy",
where yet does not given a Constitution! ).

-Should not be Court independence fromm parliament,
-It's clear, that each judge is indepeendent, and
 has immunity always, when he watches the law.
-As each citizen (or minority)(No moree !) That
is the principle of social harmony in democracy,
that should be the principle of jurisprudence.

The public men, the leadership, the gazette, 
the media men that run evade from treatment in 
complains on cases of arbitrariness in the court,
they show a wrong public behavior that support
and bring the social turmoil in the country.

To Topics

Sir Prime Minister ! - Where Your CONSCIENCE?!

-You with others lead our country to apocalypse !
- The culture of lie is the sovereign here!
-You offered to bring a love between eethnic groups,
-but in real you betrayed all sacramenntal for your chair.
-Our society continued suffer of intollerance and injustice
-because our politic rulers behave as political prostitution.

Sir Prime Minister ! - A CONSCIENCE ?!

--I don't want and have not an interesst to take a
 part  of political trends our media. -But I have to
explain, that I appealed to our Prime Minister,  Sir
Benjamin Natanyahu and to other men concerning
on tendentious behavior of some our judges.

-I explained facts of crime acts againnst a citizen,
when in vain "Amidar's" trial, by judge's conducting
causing tendentious falsifications in proceedings
after the session with testimony of witness; as by
change and by cleaning the written testimony from
the computer's memory or by judge's  fabrications
like do not written the relevant proofs or testimony
in proceedings  (before of passing a copy of the 
proceedings to litigants); and given a fabricate 
judgment without using relevant laws and proofs.

 -To my complaints were combined documents, that
 reminded (part of these facts -explained here
 ( but after my complaint, the hypocrisy lady, that
 I accused, instead to be punished -she was 
 advanced in grade, - she got vacancy of the district
 judge) after my complain, as premium for offense.
-The government Department gave me an  answer
with demagogic attention, that our Prime Minister
believes in our Court(!) -But in the answer hasn't
referred to facts and proofs as witness on
abuse acts causing by our hooligan judgment
against a citizen; -yet them clerks answered me
that he will not intervene in my complains on 
rampage behavior of some judges (as it explained).

Our administration secure itself from intervene
in cases of arbitrariness in our court by lies
argue, as if the administration may not to 
intervene in occurred in the court, because the
principle of the court's independence.
Then the abused citizen could not to find the
justice, -he is powerless against arbitrariness.

-I am sure, that it was no good behaviior of our
leaders; -then as I accuse our to-day's government,
(as I mind in parallel about our last leadership to).

-What the real price of our Law of Civvil Freedom
and Citizen's Dignity?!. Read the answer in my
testimony by actual cases and in my analyze.
Choose from Topics -I remind, that in my HomePage explainning some cases when judges fabricated the proceedings of the trials and provoked against me the vain crime process -without any real reason, as explained. - It is important to see and to know tthat social turmoil with intolerance and violence, injustice, with damaging of human rights are growing by encourage and service of our corrupted oligarchy. Because the offenders and the corrupt people are feel secured from liability for they grow acts.. All former Israeli leadership built up by this bad Leading; the new leadership continues in old manner. -We needs a good doctor for explain thhe infection. -My experience learns that the adminisstration for obtains their egoistic interest, could provoke abuse and violence against any blameless citizen (by using the mutual bail of corrupted peoples and the ethnic difference intolerance to). There does a refine system of "divide and rule over". -Sometimes -it shows as behavior withoout culture. The antique Aristo from his epoch, warn the people that the democracy without of Constitution will be degenerating in a bad rule by demagogues It is exactly what there is today: - the corrupts administration with oligarchy are brought us the turmoil and violence (instead of democracies harmony). The corruption, the social turmoil began in a head. So we forgot the ideology and moral of our fathers. Anywhere named this treason as Post-Zionism. In many cases of damage me by corrupted men I appealed to our administration and to our 120 parliamentarians for help or encourage me, but only in one case during 25 years I was encourage by an unique good women lodged the parliamentary inquiry before the corrupted Minister of Building, Natan Sharansky, concerning the vain claims of "Amidar" LTD, where she lodged an urgent request them for return an argue explanation of my cases. Because Mr. Minister doesn't have argues reasons for argue these vain claims against me by these government company, he was forced to stop these vain claims after the abuse continued 17 years. Then I feel that we see a situation when 119 corrupted men lead our country, established a wrong damaging social relation (that causing the social turmoil, violence, etc.), and drives us away from a democracy's justice society. Do not believe the men that established the rule of corruption and lie in our country! Good citizens must to establish an organization for return our country on the basis right way. Require for given Constitution and fulfills the Law! Protest against arbitrariness! Against turmoil! The good citizens must to rescue this country from a social and morale inflation, degeneration. PS: -Dear Reader, when You read my messagee, You must to know that my testimony is just emerging; -Till to this time, it was only an inttroduction. To Topics

- Warning! -the boomerang comes back !!.
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My address: -Boris Dobrovensky,
Harotem 49; Haifa 35843, Israel;
phone: (972) 4 8598270

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